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Last updated 20.02.2020
We attended the "Go Abroad Fair" at Business Academy Aarhus to showcase our product to all the students with interest in travel and exchange study.

Thursday the 6th of February, Lentii attended a fair called “Go Abroad Fair” at Aarhus Business Academy to present Lentii’s product to all the students that want to go abroad.

We thank all of you for all the exciting conversations, and may you all have good luck with your experience abroad.

Business Academy Aarhus is one of the biggest academies in Denmark with it’s 4900 full-time students, 700 exchange students, and 400 employees. They offer a wide range of higher educations.

Martin Rumph
I’m a marketing student with a high passion for digital marketing. Currently, I’m a marketing intern at Lentii, taking care of SoMe and blog posts.
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