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Getting Started on Lentii – A Guide for Group Travel

If you are still not sure how to use Lentii when planning group travel, here is a detailed guide for you. After reading it, you'll be a pro planner!
Reading time: 2 minutes.

Even though Lentii can be used for planning solo trips, its main purpose is planning trips that involve more than one person – because disagreements and misunderstandings occur during group travel.

Lentii’s mission and specialty is providing travelers with a functional space for planning stress-free trips. In this article, you will learn the best way to use Lentii as a group.

Firstly, one person in the travel group should create the trip-list, invite all the participants, and assign them their user roles.* It is possible to choose between the following roles:

Trip Owner – can do everything

Trip Planner – can delete, assign roles and add bookings

Traveler – can add bookings and travel ideas

*We advise that every member creates an account for easy access and missing content prevention.


Creating trip ideas

Now that everyone is a part of the trip-list, it is time to join forces and start brainstorming ideas for your online itinerary. Each member should browse the internet for activities, restaurants, and accommodations they find interesting.

We recommend using Viator since it has direct access to more than 200,000 bookable activities. Or, you can use Lentii’s trusty search catalogue available by clicking “Search ideas”. Saving each idea is super easy because Lentii’s idea crawler grabs the name, the images and the description of the idea – all based on the link you enter.

The crawler allows you to choose the category of the idea for better organization. Some of the categories available are Activities, Attractions, Restaurants, and Museums. If applicable, you can also add the price, location, and date to the idea. How convenient is that!?

Once the group has added a couple of ideas and organized them into bundles, your trip-list will look something like this:


Selecting the final and best ideas

Now the fun part begins because it is time to put Lentii to good use by selecting the final ideas for your group trip!

You might be thinking that it’s a difficult thing to do when you are multiple people traveling, but Lentii has thought of everything.

All each member needs to do is upvote each idea they approve. The upvote button is in the upper right corner of the idea, and you can’t miss it (look for the “thumbs up” icon). The ideas with the most upvotes are the ones that will get selected for the trip – it is as simple as that!

We hope that you enjoyed this brief walk-through of Lentii’s most important functionalities for group travel. We advise you to check out our other guide on group travel, where you will find even more tips. They will surely enable your group a stress-free experience from start to finish!

Happy traveling 😊

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Fani Bosak
Being born and raised in Croatia, I bring a lot to the table as a content marketer at Lentii with a deep passion for all things traveling.
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