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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Best Places For A Road Trip – Europe

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Europe has many different things to offer for your next Road Trip. Whether it's tall mountains, various climates, or something else entirely.
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Have you ever wanted to pack your bag, get in the car and drive off – but maybe not quite known where you’d like to go?

There are countless unique places to visit in Europe, and it can be challenging to reach them all at once. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most amazing places to see on your next road trip in Europe.

Best routes in Europe

There are many different sights in Europe, and we can guarantee you that there will be something for everyone.

Some of the destinations are in northern Europe, and the probability of rainy weather is high; therefore, it may also be good to pack the rainwear, as we cannot rule out that it rains on your trip.

Munich to San Marino

Location: Germany, Austria, Italy, San Marino

Distance: 900 kilometres (559 miles)

Duration: 7-11 days

Period: May-September 

This Road Trip will take you through three countries and a microstate in less than 1000 kilometres – if that’s not an eventful Road Trip, we don’t know what is.

The route starts in Munich, Germany, and ends in San Marino, Italy. Tourist attractions are available at various destinations during the trip. 

On the trip, the following destinations will be possible to see:

  • Munich
  • Salzburg
  • Burg Hohenwerfen
  • Eisriesenwelt
  • Lake Faak
  • Udine
  • Venice
  • San Marino

There won’t be many things to see in 
Germany besides Munich on this Road Trip, but there are many things to do in Munich itself, so consider spending a few days exploring the city.

When driving through Austria, you can either drive on the highway, which is a beautiful route in itself, as it sort of cuts through the landscape at the foot of the mountains. 

An alternative would be to drive up the Mountains and climb some of the Alps’ mountain passes. It will make the route longer and take some time, but it will definitely also be a great experience. 

When you’re in Italy and driving from Venice to San Marino, you can either drive on the highway to Bologna and then to San Marino, or you can drive along the coastline all the way, providing a much more scenic drive.


Bergen to Trondheim

Location: Norway

Distance: 1.066 kilometres (662 miles)

Duration: 7-11 days

Period: March-May

Norway has some of the most admirable natural landscapes that Europe has to offer, so we also believe that Norway is something you do not want to miss out on.

The trip starts on Norway’s southwest coast in the city of Bergen, where you can see the town or visit Preikestolen as the first stop on the trip. The trip will end in Trondheim, where it is possible to enjoy nature with pure relaxation. 


Preikestolen, Norway

Some of the attractions Norway has to offer are: 

  • Bergen
  • Preikestolen, Ryfylke
  • Tvindefossen, 12 km. north of Voss
  • Trollstigen (The Troll Path), Geiranger
  • Gloppen Skulpturpark, Byrkjelo
  • Gaularfjellet Utsikten, Dragsvik
  • Trondheim

Also do not forget to visit the city of Geiranger, while you are driving near Trollstigen. Geiranger is a well-known city among tourists and has a great atmosphere to offer. 

Trollstigen, Norway

We recommend keeping a close eye on the road along the trip, as snow is often seen here, but again, do not forget to watch the beautiful landscapes with snow on mountain peaks that can be found all year round.

Travel Obscurer, Youtube-channel.

Budapest to Bucharest

Location: Hungary, Romania

Distance: 1.190 kilometres (740 miles)

Duration: 7-11 days

Period: June-August

We’re sorry to disappoint those of you who think Budapest and Bucharest are the same cities; they’re not. However, this does not mean that a road trip cannot start in one town and end in the other.

The start takes place in Hungary, where you get the opportunity to enjoy the old but magnificent city, Budapest. Here, Europe’s second-longest river, the Danube, crosses, stretching up to 2,850 km. The City of Budapest is a must-see in the evening since all the streets lighten up from beautiful decorations.

There are multiple attractions on the trip, here are just a few of them:

  • City of Budapest, Hungary
  • Danube, Budapest
  • Caves of Lillafüred, Miskolc
  • Cluj-Napoca
  • Transfagarasan Highway, Carpathians
  • Bran Castle (Dracula’s castle), Transylvania
  • Peles Castle, Transylvania
  • City of Bucharest, Romania

You have to drive relatively far to get between the destinations of Hungary and Romania. However, it doesn’t matter when the view is so unique. The endstation isn’t that important; it’s the trip there that counts, right?


Routes Worth Mentioning

Atlantic Road, Norway
  • Distance: 9 kilometres (6 miles)
  • Duration: 1 day
  • The Atlantic Road might be one of the most spectacular roads that one would ever come across, but take care; the weather can significantly impact the driving experience – hold tight to the wheel!
Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Distance: 55 kilometres (34 miles)
  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • The Amalfi Coast offers one spectacular view after another. Fantastic hotels and beautiful houses have been built on the cliff edge, which gives a unique view of this attractive destination.
Atlantic Road, Norway

Trip Tip

Many countries in Europe have implemented toll roads, hence why you should be aware of toll roads on these Road Trips. To access the highways, you need a vignette, which you can purchase either online or at land borders.

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