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The Three Best Christmas Cities in Europe

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December is full of possibilities, so we have made a list of what we consider to be the three best Christmas cities in Europe.
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In December, you can do many things, and some people can be completely unsure what to do. 

To give you an overview of some of the best Christmas markets in Europe, we have made a list of our three favorites – we hope it can help you!

Why Is Hamburg A Good City To Visit During Christmas?

hamburg christmas

Country: Germany

Language: German

Currency: Euro (€) 

Hamburg is, in our opinion, one of the cities in Europe that has the most to offer when it comes to Christmas markets. There are more than 30 Christmas markets in Hamburg alone. And the best thing about it all is that while many of the markets aren’t straight up against each other, it feels like the many Christmas markets are connected, which gives you the feeling that it’s all one big market.


If you ask everyone who has been to a Christmas market in Hamburg which Christmas market was best, the majority would probably mention “Rathausmarkt”. It is a Christmas market in Hamburg town hall square, and it is a thoroughly wonderful Christmas atmosphere you are greeted by.

Another market that is also clearly one we can recommend is “Weihnachtsmarkt Weißerzauber”. It is a market that should be experienced, especially after sunset, as the whole market is being lit up.


In addition, there are many other beautiful and exciting markets, cozy streets, etc., which are worth visiting.


All in all, Hamburg is a point to be one of the best Christmas cities in Europe, and we certainly believe that you should consider visiting Hamburg during the Christmas period, if COVID-19 allows it.


Is Edinburgh Worth Visiting During Christmas?

Edinburgh Christmas
Credit: cntraveler.com

Country: Scotland

Language: English

Currency: Pound Sterling (£) 

Another city that is incredibly cosy, especially over Christmas, is Edinburgh. The city does not have as many markets as Hamburg, but Edinburgh has many older streets and beautiful squares, all of which contribute to a good Christmas atmosphere during the cold months. 


In “East Princes Street Gardens” you will find an incredibly cosy market that can be enjoyed both during the day and evening. Still, we definitely recommend that you come when it is dark, as the lights give a little extra atmosphere. It will be possible to buy everything on the market, from Christmas decorations to Christmas snacks.


In addition, a park will be decorated, which makes the park super cozy to do. The park is centrally located in Edinburgh, making it super convenient for tourists. Last, you can try to complete Edinburgh’s “Christmas Tree Maze” for a fee (£4.5). As the name suggests, it is a labyrinth made of Christmas trees.


Edinburgh is clearly a great destination over Christmas if you are a fan of Christmas spirit and even beautiful architecture.  

Which Christmas Market in Cologne Is The Best?

Cologne christmas
Credit: Thomas Schmidt / EyeEm

Country: Germany

Language: German

Currency: Euro (€)


When it comes to the best Christmas markets in Europe, if not the world, Cologne is a city you simply have to include. There are many beautiful markets in Cologne, some larger and more impressive than others.


Cologne’s largest and most well-known Christmas market is the “Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market”. The market is located at the square in front of Cologne Cathedral. Countless stalls are selling various things, such as Christmas decorations, food, drinks, etc. In addition, there are sometimes also small carousels, most targeted at children.


Another market that we can also recommend is the Christmas market in Cologne’s old part of the city, better known as the “Altstadt”. It is a slightly smaller but very cosy market, located very close to the railway station, making it easy to find.

Derudover, er der mange andre gode markeder, såsom “The Angels Market”, “Harbour Christmas Market”, og “The Christmas Market in Stadtgarden”. 


These markets are all recommended and should definitely be checked out as the Christmas markets in Cologne are a crazy experience.


Photo By: Sam Chang (Unsplash)


So if you’re really into Christmas and enjoy the celebratory Christmas vibes that you get from such events, then we recommend that you pack your bags and travel to Germany or Scotland. 

  • We guarantee that you will get in a great Christmas mood from doing so.

Besides the three cities that we have talked about in this blog, many cities in Europe are great to visit during the Christmas period, and quite often, it depends on what destination you’re currently in.

If the recommended three cities are not for you, we suggest you read more on many great alternatives because there are plenty of opinions on which Christmas fairs are the greatest in Europe.

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