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5 Great Travel Accounts To Follow on Instagram

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Since Instagram is saturated with travel accounts, we bring you those hidden gems that provide their audience with so much more than just pretty photos.
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We are always on the lookout for awesome travel accounts to follow on Instagram. That is why we thought of sharing a few of our favorites with you.

We were very particular when choosing who deserved to be included on this list. The number of their followers didn’t matter. We more made sure they truly were passionate travelers (like us), who created unique content, and brought real value to their audience by inspiring and educating them.

Instagram is becoming oversaturated with self-proclaimed influencers, who travel just to show off and take cool photos. In this post, we will avoid those kinds of accounts and show you some real gems!

(The list is not written in any particular order.)


Simon and Anne are a traveling couple, currently based in south eastern France.

In the first place, their feed is one of the most aesthetically pleasing we encountered. It features hidden spots and drone shots, all professionally edited to fit their signature blushed color palette – and we appreciate the effort they put into each post they make.

But even more than the dreamy feed, we love the inspiring message behind it. Which is not to take life so seriously, to learn how to slow down, and enjoy the little moments in every single day.

One of their captions says: “You become what you surround yourself with, energies are contagious.”  We completely agree with that, which is why we choose to surround ourselves with the positive vibes of their travel account.🤗


One of our favorite travel accounts is owned by Trine and Max, Danish travelers who are currently living in a van and exploring Europe.

They have both quit their jobs to pursue their dream of travel, which is so inspiring. On their feed, you can learn how to do exactly the same – let go of your fears and finally start living the life you always dreamed of!

We love their informative and uplifting content, their obvious passion for travel, their incredible drone shots, and Berta – their lovely van.🚐


This account is run by Crina, who’s been brought on travels since she was very young.

She stayed an explorer at heart since then and now tries to share her rich experience with the world. Her audience at Wanderlust and Memories can benefit from uncovering a lot of travel tips and unique locations, even though her travels have slowed down recently due to the situation.

Crina has been to 41 countries, and she is only 25 years old! We think her experience and life story make Wanderlust and Memories one of the most inspiring travel accounts.

Nick and Kia are just amazing! They have traveled to 47 countries, so they definitely know what they are talking about.

The Danish Nomads have a huge mission behind their platform, to inspire people to stop letting their lives pass them by. We only have one life, and we might as well use it to explore as much of the world as possible – this is the message they want to convey.

They deserve much more attention than they are getting. Their travel blog is of the highest quality and contains invaluable advice based on their own experience as full-time adventurers. And we couldn’t stop reading it once we first discovered it!🤓

Javahir was born and raised in Azerbaijan, has lived in Australia for some years, and is currently based in Denmark.

She is just an amazing storyteller, and each one of her posts makes the reader stop and think for a second. Her feed right now includes mostly lifestyle posts, but she often shares beautiful travel memories – like from her recent trip to Croatia.

Furthermore, she is a big foodie, too! The appreciation for different cuisines is highly present on her feed, and we are here for it.😋

There you go, 5 travel accounts to follow for your daily dose of inspiration and positive vibes. If you want more travel-related tips and trips, check out our picks for the top travel magazines here.

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