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Volcano Boarding – The Exciting Choice For Warm-Wether Seekers

Volcano Boarding is the new surfing experience!
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Warm, hot, and humid, so hot that you could brush the sand groins away with your feet and see smoke coming up from the ground. So hot that you could actually make a fried egg. Sand as black as ash was under my feet. 

It’s no wonder it’s called Cerro Negro – or Black Volcano if translated to English. And I was on the top of this black volcano. The view was amazing, and what I was about to do was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever done

3 hours earlier:

Since I booked with my Hostel, the meeting point was at the Bar. A bit of background information and safety guidelines were first. Soon after, our ride to the volcano arrived; a big old orange truck with a capacity of around 30 ish people. It was a bit cramped and a 1 hour trip with lots of bumps on the road wasn’t exactly spacious, but it was worth it as soon as we arrived. The black volcano wasn’t as big as I thought, so it would be as easy as pie reaching the top, right? Nope, it was warm and humid, and going uphill was tough.

The truck dropped us all off at the entrance to the National Park, so it would be a 15 min walk to the base of the volcano and a 45 min hike up the volcano. And the closer I got to the volcano, the bigger it got! Halfway up, I felt so exhausted – full disclosure, it probably didn’t help that I had a bit of a hangover and not in my best shape.


A marvelous sight

The view was amazing at the top of the volcano. After a group photo was taken, we all got suited up, and by suited up, I mean; we all looked like prisoners. For safety reasons, we had to wear a boiler suit, closed shoes, goggles, and a scarf/bandana covering your mouth and nose, so that you wouldn’t get all those small black grains everywhere. Standing at the highest point of the volcano made me feel like the Queen of the World! BUT looking down the volcano and visualizing what I was about to do next literally made my knees tremble.

It got worse. Seeing the people in front of me rushing down the volcano and at a very high speed – was I really about to do this? I couldn’t back down now, so I grabbed my board and down I went. It felt like my heart was trying to race or at least keep up with the speed of my board sliding down the volcano. 

A one hour hike up the hill culminated in a 1-minute slide down the volcano side. Sliding down so fast that I got black sand everywhere and my long hair blowing all over my face. I was just trying to steer straight ahead and trying to hold on so tight that I wouldn’t fall off. It all happened so fast, but it was so thrilling, exciting, and adventurous. It was worth it all!

An experience like no other

Just look at the picture of me volcano boarding below – doesn’t that look crazy? Not many can brag about having boarded down an actual active volcano – But I can (And I do brag about it!). If you ever roam around Nicaragua, then check out this adventurous experience. You can get the right to brag about it too. You will not regret it!


Where was this Volcano Boarding experience? 

Nicaragua, a country full of kind people, colorful buildings, and laidback beach destinations. Nicaragua is also home to many volcanoes, beautiful nature, and a wonder for those seeking thrilling adventures like Volcano Boarding! If you wanna try this authentic experience, then head to the city of Leon, where most tours start from. Price varies around EUR 21/DKK 154.

How to get to Leon:  

You can take the Tica bus (like a normal bus with AC) if you are already on a trip in Central America and come from Costa Rica or Honduras. Or you can fly to the international airport in Managua. Check out this article for tips on how to find the cheapest flight!

If you are already in Nicaragua, you can take the local chicken bus (Beware; they are not comfortable, but a cool and unforgettable experience) or book a shuttle-bus from most places Nicaragua, including the airport. Local busses are the cheapest option, but a shuttle might be worth the extra penny on a longer ride. If you are looking to catch a local bus, just head to the bus station – they are pretty much going all the time. Shuttles can be booked at your accommodation.  

Where to stay:

There are many hostels and other opportunities in Leon, so it depends on what kind of vibe you are looking for. If you are on a backpacker-party trip like I was, then I can recommend Bigfoot Hostel. They also organize the Volcano-boarding trip – and you’ll get a free tank top when you book with the hostel! 

Price: EUR 6/DKK 43 (Fan) / EUR 7/DKK 55 (Aircon)


Where to go next?

If you’re coming from North, head to colorful Granada and explore all of the fantastic buildings. If you’ve already explored all of Nicaragua, then catch the bus to Honduras and explore Roatan’s beaches. Central America offers so many wonderful places, beautiful beaches and nature, and exciting experiences, so you’ll without a doubt enjoy your time here. 

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