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10 Tips and Tricks for Travelers – The Short Guide

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If you want to avoid common travel mistakes on your next adventure, check out this article. Even if you think you already know everything.
Reading time: 4 minutes.

Whether it’s losing your travel documents, forgetting to pack a jacket, or overpaying for transportation – it is totally normal to make mistakes when you are an inexperienced traveler.

The more you travel, the more you will learn. In any case, we have prepared a list of 10 travel tips anybody can use, both beginner travelers and experienced ones who might need a refresher.

Take notes!

1. Save money on flights

Flight tickets are easily one of the more costly expenses when it comes to traveling, but it really doesn’t have to, if you just follow a few tips.

  • Whenever you can, avoid direct flights as they are usually more expensive. 
  • Instead, choose connecting flights and use the opportunity to explore the city you are passing through as well. 
  • Another money saver would be combining flights and train/bus rides to reach your final destination. 
  • By signing up for airline newsletters and flight deal websites, you can also catch some great discounts.
  • Check out our guide for tips on how to find the cheapest airfares

2. Copy your travel documents

To have a backup in case you misplace them, keep copies of your travel documents with
you. Preferably, keep them in separate places for maximum security. 

3. Exchange currency beforehand

It is always advised to carry some cash in the local currency. Before heading to your destination, research where you can get the best exchange rates.  

  • You should also always avoid airport exchange vendors, as they tend to take huge conversion fees.

4. Rise early

Even if you are not a morning person, you will not regret waking up early during your travels. Think fewer crowds, avoiding the heat, and more time to explore the destination. 

If you are into photography, you will also appreciate the soft morning light for your photos.


5. Always bargain


Normally, tourists end up overpaying just because they are too embarrassed to ask for a reasonable price. Politely investigate how low the vendor could go. If you don’t reach an agreement, you can just walk away – you have nothing to lose. 


6. Your camera is your best friend

Utilize your camera for more than just taking touristic photos. Make sure you take a photo of the bad condition of your luggage after a flight, your travel documents in case you lose them, and the scratches on your rental car when picking it up.


7. Find hidden gems

Try to avoid over-tourism and visiting mainstream spots. Instead, browse Instagram‘s hashtags and location tags of your destination – you might find a hidden gem that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Another way of discovering unique spots is by talking to the locals! Ask them what their favorite place to eat is, or their favorite beach. They will likely suggest something that is of high quality, while not overcrowded.


8. Always pack a jacket

Regardless of the destination, you are going to, always pack a jacket. Don’t underestimate how chilly it can get during the nights or in air-conditioned spaces.

 9. Wear sunscreen

This is a must, especially if you are going to be visiting tropical destinations. Your skin is

probably not used to such a strong UV index, and you will burn quickly and easily. Save
yourself the discomfort and the embarrassment and slather on some sunblock.


10. Don't over plan

For a successful trip, planning is crucial, and it will save you lots of stress later on.
However, do not make the mistake of planning out every second of every day. Use Lentii to find and book a couple of interesting activities, but leave some room for flexibility and spontaneity.
There you go, our 10 travel tips to make every travelers life easier while you are out there exploring the world.
Did you learn anything new, or do you know of a tip that we’ve missed? Should we make this a series?
Let us know in the comments below!
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Fani Bosak
Being born and raised in Croatia, I bring a lot to the table as a content marketer at Lentii with a deep passion for all things traveling.
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