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3 Benefits of a Long Layover – a Surprising Advantage

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Most people are terrified of booking a flight with a long layover.
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For most people, a long layover is the worst part about your trip! We all dread hanging around the airport for an extended time and just wait around for our next flight to depart. The airport is crowded, expensive and there’s not a lot you can do. (Unless, of course, you’re in Changi, Singapore’s airport and a major hub for Asia and Australia. 

This airport has everything literally! A cinema, a roof-top pool, and a botanical garden – but you can read about that here. But why not take advantage of your layover? I’ll give you 3 benefits of booking a flight with a long layover:

1. Explore a new city

Most airports are located near capitals or big cities, so having a long layover is the perfect reason to explore a new city. Depending on how long your layover is, it might be difficult to explore everything, as you’ll also have to take the transportation and customs/security at the airport in mind. 


You can also choose to book a ticket with a long layover of 72 hours so that you’ll have plenty of time to explore your selected city. If you’re not sure where to plan your stopover, then check out our inspirational trip-list with the best places to have a layover in Europe, Asia or North America

2. Save money​

You might be able to save a bit of money when booking a long layover. Flight tickets with a long layover are usually cheaper than direct flights or flights with a short stopover. Of course, saving money is dependable on which city you visit and what you tend to do on your stopover.

So while you will save money on the flight ticket, you might end up spending the saved money. Perhaps you might spend even more money than initially – as you will have to use the money on accommodation, transport, sightseeing, etc. 


This, of course, is something I would be willing to pay extra for. If you have a layover in a cheap country, it could also save you money!

You can use Momondo to search for flights, and then build the perfect ticket for your trip. 

3. Refresh and relax

On a typical flight with a stopover, you might feel stressed and tired. You might also feel annoyed because you have to exit one plane, wait around at your new gate, just to enter a new plane. It kinda feels like a longer flight ride because of all the hassle! 

A long layover gives you the opportunity to refresh and relax if you choose to stay for more than 24 hours, as you’ll need a hotel room.

people in hammack

If you look at it, it’s kind of a triple win! You get to explore a city on the way to your destination, and the flight might be a lot cheaper because of the long layover – and you will also feel more refreshed due to your extra relaxation time!

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Tenna Adamsen
26 years old and 36 countries visited across 5 continents – so far! I am always on the lookout for my next travel quest, and the more extreme adventure, the better.
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