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Trip planning used to be done in spreadsheets and note-taking apps. Luckily, not anymore. Read our reviews of the best currently available solutions.
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Creating an itinerary and planning for a trip can quickly turn into a nightmare. You’ve got hundreds of open browser-tabs and messages in the group inbox where you and your travel mates try to coordinate everyone’s preferences.

We have gathered a list of a few fantastic travel tools that can make the process of planning and organizing a trip significantly easier.

From solving doubts about which places are a must-see and visualizing how far they are from each other to allowing group collaboration and facilitating decision-making. These tools will, for sure, make your next trip easier.

You can thank us later!  

1. Lentii Trip-lists

Lentii is unarguable, the first one on our list. Why… because it has everything you might need in a trip planner, and unlike some other options on our list, all of its features are entirely free.  

  • The planning on Lentii begins with choosing the destination and the type of travel you have in mind. What opens up is a simple and user-friendly interface for designing trips, full of travel suggestions suiting your preferences. Just bookmark the ideas you find interesting and organize them into categories, and into bundles.  This way, your travel buddies can easily comprehend the itinerary suggestions when you share it with them.

On Lentii you have the option to start the brainstorm of all your ideas and content from anywhere. Lentii even provides a service to store ideas in a very smart manner.

  • All you have to do is to copy and paste the link of the content into Lentii.  Lentii then helps you store the most important information about that idea by scanning the link for Images, Prices, and descriptions.
Apart from being able to edit and add ideas themselves, those with access to the trip can vote for their preferred activities and sights. This is a super cool feature that will make the decision-making process a breeze. 
Say goodbye to endless discussions on messenger apps and saving your travel plans into Excel sheets. 
  • Say hello to Lentii and having everything in one place!

Pebblar is a paid map-based trip planner, which comes with a free trial for all new sign-ups. The users start by creating a list of cities they plan to travel to and all their trip-related ideas, including restaurants they are going to eat at, attractions they are going to visit, and activities they are going to do. 

  • After allocating dates to each idea, Pebblar creates a map-based day-by-day itinerary based on their inputs, with a preview of exact distances between different locations. 

Pebblar offers a monthly subscription option for $9.95, as well as an option to pay per itinerary. The price of the latter depends on how many cities are allowed to be added to the itinerary. The cheapest option costs $3, but only allows users to add 3 cities. 

This tool does a good job of giving a map view of the trip and allowing all trip companions to collaborate on the itinerary. However, it does not offer location-based recommendations. Users have to research ideas about where to stay, where to eat, and what to do completely on their own before inputting them in Pebblar. This kinda takes away the whole idea of having everything in one place. 

Inspirock is a tool for those who do not enjoy the planning part of the trip at all. All you have to do is enter your desired destination, travel dates, and type of activities. Inspirock will then generate a personalized day-by-day itinerary example. 

  • The cool thing is that the tool gives you a fully optimized itinerary, with minimal travel times between locations and recommendations on how much time to spend at each one. It also takes care of checking the opening hours for you.

In case you want to rearrange or delete something from the itinerary, you can easily do it because the tool is completely customizable. Also, you have the option to add co-travelers and print out your itinerary once finalized. Inspirock really offers travelers everything they need in one place, but that is precisely why it takes a bit of time to get used to it. 

The interface is clear and very user friendly. Though there are so many options you can add that it can become overwhelming – such as flight and hotel reservations.


TripHobo is a comprehensible travel tool, with features similar to Inspirock’s. Just enter the city you plan to depart from, the city (or cities) you plan to visit, and the city you plan to return to. TripHobo then generates an itinerary example for you. Beforehand, you can select the suggestions you would like the itinerary to include. 

  • You can get suggestions regarding transportation, accommodation, or activities, based on how far you are in your trip planning stage. Another useful feature is that you can input whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, with friends, or with family in order to get more relevant suggestions.

The itinerary example is obviously just an example. The user is free to add and remove activities as desired. It is possible to send a copy of the finished itinerary to your travel companions; however, they will only be able to view it. 

This can result in unnecessary time-wasting since people cannot collaborate in real-time. Instead they have to make changes through the one trip owner. Also, it can happen that the city you want to add to your itinerary will not appear in TripHobo’s search box due to the limited city database


Sygic Travel came to life when Sygic, one of the world’s best navigation software development companies, joined forces with a travel planning app Tripomatic. 

  • This tool solves one of the biggest problems travelers face when visiting new places – not knowing the distances between locations on their lists and not knowing the best order of visiting them. Sygic Travel lets users visualize their trip beforehand, so they can plan efficiently and minimize time wasted on transit. 

Of course, users can freely move their plans from one day to another. Each time a change is made, the time estimations automatically update in the itinerary.

It allows you to search for attractions, restaurants, accommodation, tours, car rentals, and more. A handy feature is that it collects useful information about certain attractions, such as photos, addresses, operating hours, and user reviews. One possible drawback – it can happen that the tool lacks options in some categories, for example, restaurants. In this case, you will have to do the research yourself, find the addresses, and manually add them as custom places on Sygic Travel.

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