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Best Online Travel Magazines in Denmark for Insights

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Which online travel magazines are best to read for inspiration to your next trip? If you don’t know, check out this article.
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We all love reading great articles about a travel experience, or specific guides for your next vacation. But if you aren’t quite sure where to find these articles, read on. We’ve gathered the 4 best online travel magazines in Denmark:.



RejsRejsRejs is one of the most successful online travel magazines, and has travel guides for pretty much every country! So whether you’re looking for a destination based guide for Thailand, New York, or Paris, they have got you covered! 

Made for travelers - by travelers

My favorite thing about RejsRejsRejs is that it’s made for travelers – by travelers. This means that, if you’ve got some exciting stories about your previous travels, you can apply to be a volunteer freelancer – And share all of your fascinating adventures with like-minded travelers.

They also host travel-related lectures, where they aim to inspire you to travel. But the really cool part about RejsRejsRejs is their “Guides.” They’ve got guides to responsible traveling, traveling solo, travel vaccines – well, pretty much guides to the most useful things when it comes to traveling.

Free high-quality editorial content

The best thing about this travel magazine if you ask me? It’s completely free to browse through all of their exciting articles and helpful guides. 

  • So what are you waiting for? Go check it out here

Scrolling through the Facebook news feed, and suddenly you come across a good travel offer. Most of us have been there – it’s a new post from Rejsespejder captivating you with one of their excellent flight findings. Most of us know about Rejsespejder, but if you haven’t heard of them before, just keep reading.

Great recommendations and good travel deals

Rejsespejder has gained quite a reputation for sourcing the internet far and wide for good deals. Rejsespejder kinda differs in that they recommend hotels and activities based on the flight deal they’ve found. 

  • This means that they don’t actually have a travel guide – but they make a short destination based article every time they find a good flight deal. (If you’re looking for cheap flights, you can also check out our guide on how to find the cheapest airfares how to find the cheapest airfares

Rejsespejder also has a section with blogposts called Rejsemagasin. You can find some useful articles with helpful information. However, there’s not a lot of posts in that section with around only 4 articles a year.

  • So if you’re on the lookout for great travel deals, and are very spontaneous of where to go next, then you should be aware of Rejsespejder’s content here

So, this one might be a bit in the wrong, as Vagabond is actually the biggest travel magazine paper-wise. They publish a new magazine every quarter, and it’s filled with the latest travel trends, beautiful pictures, and inspiring articles. 

Vagabond also hosts 2 travel fairs, but the reason why I put them on this list is.. drum roll, please… You guessed right! They also have a small section on their website with articles that’s worth checking out (even though their website is not the most optimized website)

High-quality physical magazines

If you want to purchase their quarterly magazines, it will cost you 80DKK pr magazine. – They do also have a great offer which you can check out right here


We all know the Lonely Planet books, right? Well, the Danish version of these books is commonly known under “turen går til..”, which in English translates to “The trip goes to..” 

… And they are quite popular in Denmark. These travel books are published by ‘Politikens Forlag’. Politiken is also one of the leading newspapers in Denmark. Besides reporting daily news, they’ve also got a travel section! 

This travel section contains everything from travel guides, news, to articles about specific travel-related themes and subjects. 

Access requires a paid subscription

However, you have to buy a subscription to Politiken to get access to all of the content. A subscription for a digital newspaper costs 299 DKK, but for this price, you’ll also get access to other sections, like sports.

There you have it!

We hoped you’d enjoyed this list with the 4 best danish travel magazines for travel enthusiasts. If you want more tips on, where to find inspiration, then check out this post about the best travel blogs/influencers here!

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26 years old and 36 countries visited across 5 continents – so far! I am always on the lookout for my next travel quest, and the more extreme adventure, the better.
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