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How to get cheap accommodation

Ever wondered how to find cheap accommodation or even free? Just check out this article with 5 tips, and you'll know how!
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Going on a trip often leads to endless hours trying to find the cheap accommodation. Most often, you probably end up booking it through an online travel agent such as www.hotels.com, www.booking.com, or www.expedia.com – but this might not be the best or cheapest option for you.

I have spent endless hours, but by now, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve thanks to all the traveling, research, and hotel booking I’ve done. In this guide, i’ll share them with you and give you five tips on how to find the cheapest accommodation! If you want advice on how to find cheap flights, then check it out here



First things first, be flexible. It’s all about supply and demand, so most hotels can afford to raise their price and stand their ground if you travel in peak season. Even though it means losing you as a customer, another customer will probably just come along and book it anyway. It’s peak season!

Outside of peak-season will always be cheaper, as the supply for hotel rooms has lowered. This is the time of year, where you can get some terrific hotel bargains! Plus, you also avoid the tourist crowds! I always try to go on holiday just before or after the peak season – I prefer it that way. It’s so lovely without all the crowds, queuing at tourist attractions, and it’s better for my wallet as well!

Sign up for member deals

When searching on one of the online travel agents’ websites, always make sure you’re signed in. Most places give members lower prices, and some also have a reward system for booking through them.


Book directly

As I said, most people often book via an online travel agent, as they think this might be the cheapest solution. In some cases, they are, but your preferred hotel is often likely to match the price that you’ve found (Even though it’s a member’s price) – or to even lower it below the price you found! Many hotels also offer extra amenities and perks when you book directly, such as free parking, an upgrade, breakfast, etc. So even though it sounds weird, always try to haggle a bit with the hotel – and see if you could get something extra for the price! If not, you can always just book it through an online travel agent.

Be kind

When asking hotels for a lower price than they quote, always be kind! If so, the receptionist is more likely to give you a better rate or to even give you an upgrade as well. I used to work in a hotel, and this was the situation for me. If you treat us nicely, we’ll treat you nicely! So always be kind, and perhaps you’ll be able to get that upgrade.



If you really want the lowest price possible for accommodation – and want to experience something as well, then maybe Couchsurfing or Workaway could be a good option for you. I used Couchsurfing in Singapore, and it worked perfectly fine. I had a layover in Singapore, and a friendly family offered that I could sleep in their spare room. I had a local experience and saved money on accommodation.

If you own a house, you could also consider using Lovehomeswap and swap your home for another place! You get free accommodation while helping someone else get free housing as well.

I hope you could use these tips! If you have any that you think would make the list perfect, please feel free to contact me at hello@lentii.com

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Tenna Adamsen
26 years old and 36 countries visited across 5 continents – so far! I am always on the lookout for my next travel quest, and the more extreme adventure, the better.
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