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How to Plan a Group Trip Like a Pro

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I think we can all agree that it is common to experience difficulties when traveling in a group. Luckily, it is easy to prevent them, and here is how!
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Being on a group trip… sometimes it’s the best thing in the world, and sometimes it’s the worst.

Just like any other type of travel, group trips will leave you feeling enriched with tons of unforgettable memories and experiences. However, it is quite common for a group of friends to feel exhausted from the disagreements, indecisiveness, and lack of organization while traveling together.

Actually, according to our survey, more than 50% of all travelers have experienced conflicts when planning a trip in a group.

Lentii is here to help avoid that.

In this article, we have gathered all the tips for those of you who are tired of experiencing the above-mentioned problems. If you are wondering how you could be worry-free about your next group trip, then keep on reading

1. Choose at least one Trip Planner of the group

Yes, you read correctly. You need to have one or multiple people in charge, even if you are going to make all the decisions together. There has to be one go-to person who makes sure everything is going according to the plan you made.

If you want, you can assign the leadership roles of the trip to multiple people, for example, someone can be in charge of the accommodation, someone of the attractions to visit, etc.

Having a few passionated Trip Planners will prevent you from wasting time on silly discussions and ensure the best travel experiences that you could possibly imagine.


2. Discuss the budget for your group trip!

Our survey also revealed the issue that is most likely to cause conflict when planning in a group is the budget.

It is crucial that all members of the travel group agree on the approximate budget for the trip.Of course, those with a higher budget can always book an extra activity or two, but it is important to reach an agreement regarding the transportation, accommodation, and places you will be eating at.

3. Decide what you want to see and do on your trip!

This is where Lentii comes to the rescue. With Lentii, you can browse through a vast catalogue of travel ideas and add them to your itinerary with a single click. Lentii will fetch all the information (including the prices), so you don’t have to do anything manually. All you have to do is sign in, look for the “Create a new trip-list” button, and start planning. Check out our guide on how to get started with Lentii for more help!

It is important to plan group travel activities in advance in order to book them in time and avoid worrying about availability. You might also be able to get group discounts.
If there are some activities that appeal only to certain group members, don’t be afraid of splitting up. Just because you are on a trip together does not force you to spend every second of every day in a group.
People have different preferences, and it is okay to even go somewhere alone if nobody else wants to join.

4. Start organizing your itinerary online

Once you have brainstormed and discussed the most important topics together, it is time to make the final decisions.

Add your travel companions to the trip-list you created on Lentii so they can review your nicely presented itinerary. They will be able to vote/upvote ideas they find the most interesting, so the Trip Planners don’t have to be afraid of booking something that a few of the travel companions will not enjoy.

Our users have found that using Lentii is a much more efficient way of making group decisions than messaging through different online apps, not explicitly designed for itinerary travel planning.


There you have it, four simple but effective tips in combating group trip-planning stress! We hope you enjoyed 🙂

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Fani Bosak
Being born and raised in Croatia, I bring a lot to the table as a content marketer at Lentii with a deep passion for all things traveling.
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