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Travel planning

Travel planning – 4 tips on how to travel in 2021

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Travel restrictions are constantly changing, so the most essential part of travel planning in 2021 will be doing your research and having more than one plan!
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Extensive travel planning will be necessary in 2021. Covid is leaving a lot of uncertainty at the moment in the tourism industry. As a result, traveling this year will be less spontaneous and more planned out. Therefore, a significant advantage can be creating both a plan A and plan B in case that the circumstances change. Maybe even having a Plan C ready if all else fails.

Travel Planning

1. Do your research

One key consideration when choosing your next destination is to make sure to do extensive research. This needs to be done on the restrictions and requirements that have been implemented due to COVID-19. 

  1. Do you need a negative test to show on arrival and how old is it allowed to be? 
  2. Is there an actual risk of a lockdown taking place? 
  3. Are there a lot of active COVID 19 cases at the destination? 

These are questions you should be asking yourself in the early stages of the process.

You can visit this website to check the number of active cases at your chosen destination, and read about the Danish Foreign Ministry’s travel recommendations here.

Travel Planning

2. Make a plan A, B and maybe even C

Make sure you leave room for flexibility in your schedule and do plenty of travel planning! Do this to protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances that you may encounter. Start your planning and make your plans tailored for different outcomes. 

For example; if you’re aching to go to an island and long for strolls down the beach, start making your Plan A to Thailand, New Zealand, Malta, or whichever paradise you prefer; 

  • Have Plan B in a closer vicinity – so you should plan to go to Lille, Barcelona, or somewhere in Croatia – In case travel options are limited.
  • Lastly, why not plan a little staycation as Plan C, visiting Skagen, Klitmøller, or Tisvilde – that way, you have a holiday planned no matter the covid pandemic situation.
Travel Planning

3. Partner up with a travel agent

A good idea is to partner up with a travel agent once you’ve made an outline of your different plans. Get a second opinion on your ideas and fill any gaps in your research. 

  • Travel Agents will be able to provide professional insight into the current situation and guide you if changes need to be made.

4. Get insured

Make sure you are covered by insurance! This can often be obtained through a travel agent and ensures that you are covered in the event of an accident or any unanticipated events that may take place be due to COVID-19.  

Another great tip is to check the cancellation policies and how they handle bookings that are affected by covid when looking at hotels and flights. 

  • The companies often present you policies revolving around the pandemic situation, so they’re actually giving you some extra opportunities to have a high insurance level if anything goes wrong… Or else you should just contact their support about the topic!

Check out our post on how to plan group trips like a pro for more tips and tricks to improve your travel planning!

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Natascha Kyster-Hansen
Marketing and content creator intern at Lentii with a passion for traveling. I have lived in Copenhagen, Paris, Manchester & Kuala Lumpur over the last 4 years and now live in Aarhus!
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