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Travel tech

Travel tech – apps to help you travel during COVID-19

There are many new apps emerging to make the lives of travelers easier, and we have gathered a few in this post about travel tech!
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With restrictions constantly changing, there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment in the traveling industry. In order to prepare you as much as possible for your upcoming travels, we bring to you travel tech! 4 apps that we recommend using to stay up to date with the current situation!

Google Maps

This app is most likely downloaded on your phone – but a key feature to that has been added recently is the ability to find covid-19 test centers. Through the app you can get guidance to the test center closest to you!

  • You can read more about the different ways Google Maps has implemented Covid-19 features here! For example, a layer that shows the number of active cases in the area 💡

Check and Fly

This app was created by the Airports International Council, and provides insight in health measures implemented at airports in response to Covid-19! It enables individual airports to keep their passengers informed on what to expect and any requirements that need to be met.

  • Read more about the functions of the app here!
Travel tech

CovidChecker by Sitata

This tool can be found in both a browser version and an app. It allows you to check current travel restrictions and requirements for individuals traveling to a chosen destination. 

  • Information is provided on entry requirements, document requirements, quarantine and testing rules, and many other things!

Try out the browser version here or download the app!


This app is made by the Danish foreign ministry. It allows Danes to plot in any travels they embark on and keeps you updated on recommendations for the chosen destination. Read more about the features of the app here!

  • This can especially be advantageous if you end up visiting a country where last minute lockdowns are imposed. The danish government will be able to help you return safely when you are signed up on ‘danskerlisten’!
Unfortunately this is only relevant for people living in Denmark. 

If you’re interested in reading more about traveling during Covid – take a look at this post on Travel planning and how to travel in 2021!

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Natascha Kyster-Hansen
Marketing and content creator intern at Lentii with a passion for traveling. I have lived in Copenhagen, Paris, Manchester & Kuala Lumpur over the last 4 years and now live in Aarhus!
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