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TripIt vs Lentii: Which is Better?

If you are a big traveler, you have probably heard about tools like TripIt. If not, we have prepared a review of TripIt and Lentii for you.
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We understand that there are a lot of trip-planning tools available out there. And that testing each one to find the winner would be very time-consuming. That is precisely what busy travelers shouldn’t have to deal with. As such, have we made a brief comparison of two great tools that solve different travel problems – TripIt and Lentii.

If you are curious about the differences between them, as well as the pros and cons of each one, then keep on reading.


The main differences between Lentii and TripIt


The tools we are talking about in this post work in quite different ways.

Lentii is made to help travelers organize all their trip ideas, quickly and easily. Whether it’s things they want to see, activities they want to do, or restaurants they want to eat at, travelers can browse the destination-specific catalog of ideas and add the ones they like to their trip-list. They can later add their trip companions to it, where they can make the final decisions together. 

Lentii takes travelers through the whole trip-planning process, from providing destination inspiration to organizing everything in one place and finalizing the itinerary in their travel group.

Since travel planning is a big task that is usually done on bigger screens, Lentii is a web platform, not a mobile app.



TripIt is a tool that primarily helps those that struggle with orientation and practicalities while flying. It follows the traveler from the moment they leave for the airport, throughout the entire journey, and until they get back home.

It works in a way that the traveler sends a confirmation of their booked flights, and TripIt tells them when and where they need to be, suggests transportation options, shows airport maps, etc. TripIt also allows more travelers to collaborate on the itinerary, as well as sending the final version to someone.

TripIt comes as a mobile phone app since it’s meant to be used while on the go.

What is the pricing?


Using Lentii is completely free, and it will stay that way forever. Lentii has partnerships with the best vendors on the market. Lentii makes money by exposing users to their solutions, in the form of either a commission-based referral payback or an exposure marketing fee.


TripIt has both a basic version, which is free, and a premium version (TripIt Pro). This version costs $49 per year. TripIt Pro has quite a few features that make it so much more useful than its free version.

Some of them are that it sends check-in reminders, guides through the airport, finds better airplane seats, shows security waiting times, provides destination-specific information, etc.

What are the pros of each tool?


The pros of using Lentii for planning trips are numerous.

  1. Firstly, travelers can easily create a full itinerary by browsing Lentii’s idea catalog for their specific travel destination and preferences. The idea catalog contains the best offers for all relevant categories. This includes restaurants, accommodations, attractions, and activities. Just this feature saves a significant amount of time for travelers, since planning a trip takes on average 30 hours.
  2. Secondly, Lentii is the best tool on the market for itinerary collaboration. Each person with access to edit the trip can add their own ideas and vote for the already added ones. This makes decision-making so much less stressful.
  3. Finally, another pro of using Lentii is that it is completely free.


There are a lot of pros for using TripIt as well, but for a completely different purpose.

  1. TripIt allows travelers to be more relaxed because it takes care of thinking about important things for them. Based on their booking confirmations for flights, hotels, trains, or anything else, TripIt’s smart algorithm generates one itinerary. This means they don’t have to constantly refer to their inbox.
  2. It advises on practicalities, such as when to leave for the airport, how to get to the gate, etc.

What are the cons of each tool?


Lentii is a fairly new platform, constantly working on developing new features and improving existing ones, which is why they still have a pretty basic interface without that many options.

  1. Lentii doesn’t provide travelers with a day-to-day overview of their itinerary. It only serves to them as an idea-gathering and decision-making place.


TripIt is an established brand with over 10 years of industry experience. For this particular reason, it is surprising that some things still haven’t been perfected.

  1. When using the web platform, expect to experience a very simple but outdated design, with quite a few bugs. Even logging into your account or creating a new one is causing an error at the moment of writing this article.
  2. Unfortunately, inviting collaborators to the itinerary is not working properly either.
  3. Apart from the bugs, TripIt has a very big con because it doesn’t offer travelers any inspiration on what to include in their itinerary. It would be nice if they had some kind of destination-specific suggestions. This could save them at least some time they have to spend on research.
  4. Finally, it’s important to mention that in order for TripIt to generate the itinerary, the traveler must either forward them all the booking confirmations or give them access to the entire email inbox – which some people might be sceptical about.

So, which one to choose?

To sum up, there are really a lot of pros to using both of these cool travel tools. It just depends on what your particular needs are.
If you are organizing a group trip where every person has different preferences, you should use Lentii. This way, it could save you some stress in decision-making. Also, if you have a destination in mind, but no idea what you could do there, Lentii’s idea catalog can be very useful for inspiration.

On the other hand, you should use TripIt if you have so many flights, buses, and hotels booked for your trip that it is impossible to track everything through your email inbox. You should use the TripIt Pro version if you are not that good at getting around airports because it will guide you through it.

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