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Tripoto vs Lentii – A Deep Comparison

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If you are a big traveler, you have probably heard about these cool travel tools. If not, we have prepared a review of Tripoto and Lentii for you.
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The number of travel tools available to us on the market is continuously growing, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the one for you. Plus, it can take a lot of time.
In this article, we are bringing you a comparison of two cool but quite different travel tools – Tripoto and Lentii.

The main differences between Lentii and Tripoto

So what are the main differences between Lentii and Tripoto? It can ruffly be boiled down to the fact that the two travel tools have different purposes. These differences are reviewed in this article. We will cover the main differences in features, pricing, and benefits.


Lentii enables travelers to efficiently conduct trip-related brainstorming. It is optimized for everything that needs to be done before the actual trip. Researching what to see, what to do, where to stay, and where to eat can all be done on Lentii and saved with one click. Later, collaborators can join and give their thoughts on the trip ideas to reach an agreement. 



On Tripoto, you can find a huge collection of itineraries designed by real users. The platform serves to share trip ideas and travel stories to inspire others, basically as if you were a blogger writing your blog post. It can also be used by guides and travel operators to promote their business and getting new leads. 

Tripoto has a large social community and an on-site forum with many active members. Keep in mind that most users of Tripoto are from India; therefore the content is often created for an Indian audience.

What is the pricing for Tripoto & Lentii?


Lentii is completely free to use, and that is never going to change. Lentii makes money by partnering up with different vendors on the market and exposing them to users – which brings them a commission.


Tripoto is also completely free to use. They make money through advertising, affiliate partnerships, and lead generation.

What are the pros of Tripoto & Lentii?


Using Lentii has many pros. It allows travelers to browse a catalog full of ideas related to their destination and preferences. All they need to do is click the “Bookmark” button once they come across an idea they find interesting, whether it be an activity to do, a tourist attraction to see, or accommodation to stay at.

Lentii will save their brainstormed ideas, so they can review them later when they are in the decision-making stage. Travelers are able to save ideas they find anywhere else on the internet, which is Lentii’s advantage over other trip-planning platforms.

Another pro is the trip collaboration feature, which allows adding co-travelers and selecting the final ideas together.



Using Tripoto is super helpful if you are curious to hear about other people’s experiences at a particular destination. It definitely comes in handy when you are still researching what to see and what to do before your trip. You can view the profile of each itinerary owner and get to know their personality in order to better understand if their itinerary would be a match for you.

Tripoto reviews each and every single itinerary before they get published, which guarantees their quality. Tripoto also focuses less on covering the most mainstream destinations and encourages travelers to share hidden gems instead.

A big pro for travel operators is that they can use it to promote their business.

What are the cons of Tripoto & Lentii?


Lentii is improving features and developing new ones on a daily basis; therefore it does not provide all the options a traveler might need just yet. But stay tuned, big things are coming for Lentii!


Tripoto allows users to directly book travel packages made by travel agents. However, many believe that by doing this, users end up spending much more than what they would if they just booked themselves.

On top of that, some of the offered travel packages are questionable and have no reviews at all, so it’s best to be cautious.

Obviously, Tripoto’s writers should be rewarded for their efforts in some way, so they receive credits for every trip they share. However, those credits are practically useless since they can now be used only as discounts when booking Tripoto’s overly-priced holiday packages. There used to be an option to redeem credits for free trips, but it has been removed. This caused a lot of Tripoto’s users to lose their motivation to spend time writing high-quality content.


So, which one to choose?

In a nutshell, both of these tools have something to offer to busy travelers. It just depends on what their goals are.
You should choose Lentii if you want to browse ideas specific to your travel destination, while easily saving and organizing each one of them into an itinerary that you will later share with your friends. If you are a group traveling together, you should definitely use Lentii to make planning together more efficient. Check out this article on how to plan trips like a pro using Lentii!
You should use Tripoto if you feel lost and uninspired, and want to read about other people’s itineraries for specific travel destinations. Or, if you are someone who likes to write about traveling, you can use Tripoto to share your own experiences.

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