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What Is Interrailing, What Are The Big Benefits, And Why Is Interrail An Amazing Way To Travel

One interrail pass grants you; easy transportation, pleasant experiences, stunning views, and lifelong friendships. This list will provide the best benefits and reasons why interrail should be considered a way to travel around the countries in within Europe.
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Interrail is an unknown phenomenon for many, but it is super easy. Trains are used to get from one destination to another. When you feel like you want to go somewhere new, you hop on a train and get off when you feel like it.

But is it an advantage over alternative methods to travel? This blog will provide five reasons why we think it is an excellent way to travel.

1. Flexibility

Two young people travelplanning

When you use interrailing to travel, you make it possible for yourself not to plan a whole trip in advance. You can take a train to your first destination, and when you feel like you have nothing more to see in the city, you book a train ticket and book a new hotel in another city, and then you can leave whenever you want. 
This opens up a whole new aspect of freedom and flexibility, as you can come and go between destinations as you please.

And if on the train ride between destinations you see something exciting that you’d like to see more of, you can hop off the train, explore and take the next train to suit your needs, at no extra cost.

2. Relations

A group of friends in a trainstation

Interrail allows you to get new acquaintances.
When you go on train trips between land borders, the chance of meeting other travelers is quite great. These people will most often be welcoming and thus open to meeting new people, which, if you are lucky, can lead to a long-term friendship.
Another place where you often meet new people is either in hostels or tours around the cities you visit.

How many people should you go interrailing with?

Tip: There are countless groups on the many social media (especially Facebook), not only for interrailers but generally young travelers. Join the groups and build relationships with people through the groups.

3. Comfort

Comfortable seats on a train

Trains provide a lot more space to enjoy the ride, rather than by plane or vehicle. It is possible to walk around, and sometimes you even get the opportunity to lie down. You can also play cards at a larger table than in planes and watch your own movies rather than the movies available in airplanes. 

In addition, you also get the opportunity to enjoy the view through the many different kinds of nature you meet and much more. 

4. The Value of Freedom

Passport, credit card and boarding pass

If you get a interrail pass, the possibilities are endless. It gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. If you change your itinerary along the way, you can easily do so, as with a interrail pass, you have access to 40,000 destinations

How much does an interrail pass cost?

Although it may seem expensive at first glance, there is enormous value in it in terms of how much you get out of it in the end, precisely because of, among other things, the flexibility, the possibilities, and the support.

5. Support

Woman looking for departure

There is an incredible amount of support to be gained at interrail.eu, which helps ensure that your trip is planned optimally and that you have reservations in the right places when traveling. In addition, there is also a lot of help to be had at the many train stations you come by, where the staff is there for you.

Is it safe to interrail alone?

Interrailers always help each other, so don’t be scared to ask another interrailer for guidance.

Conclusion: Why Travel With Interrail?

If you have to mention something negative about interrailing, it should be that this way of traveling means making sure you only pack what you are willing to carry around. 
In addition, you do not have many hours of the day to yourself, as you use public transport. But if you’re an outgoing person, it should never be a big problem. 

So to sum up, interrail is an easy and flexible way to travel. It is perfect for young people who love to experience a lot and are not bound to be in one place for a long time. There are lots of things to do and the opportunity to meet a lot of people, both other travelers but also local people, giving you an insight into new cultures.

To answer the question from earlier; is it an advantage over alternative methods of travel?
Well, it depends. It depends a lot on how you are as a person, whether you will end up liking to travel like this, but all people should at least give it a try.

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