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7 Amazing (And Cheap) Glamping Experiences

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Have you always wanted to try Glamping? But struggling to find cheap Glamping?
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Finding cool and cheap Glamping experiences can be tricky – just finding a place where you can experience Glamping takes a bit of an internet search! But look no further, in this article, I’ve collected 7 cool, but affordable luxury tents! And if you aren’t really sure what Glamping is, then check out this article, and you’ll know it in a little while.

The price ranges from EUR 29/DKK 215 (yes, EUR 29/DKK 215 is so cheap for Glamping!) and up to EUR 169/DKK 1.260 – all based on 2 pax, but without compromising the luxury of Glamping. Some are located in Europe, some in South and Central America, and some in Asia. If you need help on how to find the cheapest airfares, then check out our guide!


Four Rivers Floating Lodge is situated in the southern part of Cambodia near Thailand’s border. It’s very secluded, though, and nearby activities/restaurants are limited. This means that you’ll basically be enjoying the serenity of your own hotel. 

Hence the name, this place is actually located at the Tatai River banks, and the hotel is built on pontoons on the river. So not only are you staying in a luxury tent, you’re also floating on a river. How cool is that? However, this one is a bit pricey, as it cost EUR 165/DKK 1.230 per night, but hey, you’re floating on the river in a luxury tent!

You’ll have your very own balcony, where you can sit with a drink and enjoy the sunset. Or you can sunbathe in the day and hop into the river to cool down. 


Price: EUR 165/DKK 1.230
Included: Breakfast, Boat transfer, Boat trip to see fireflies, use of kayaks, fishing rods, and DVDs. 
Where: Cambodia


La cocoteraie is located on Gili Trawangan near Bali, but on the quiet side of Gili T. It’s a small family-owned hotel with 8 luxury tents and a small pool. Gili T is a small island, so you’re less than a 5-minute walk away from the beach – and from other restaurants and activities. Yes, on Gili T you will be surrounded by other travelers, cool hangouts, and activities.

You’ll have your own balcony with beanbags where you can enjoy your breakfast, a drink, or chill with a book. Or you can relax by the pool.

This one is the cheapest one on our list, and you can get it for EUR 29/DKK 215 – so cheap for a Glamping experience! So hurry up, and book that flight ticket, so you can experience this fantastic hotel and the incredible island it’s located at. Gili T is one of my favorite islands in the world, and you’ll have an amazing time here.


Price: EUR 29/DKK 215
Included: Breakfast, WiFi, AirCon, free use of bikes so you can explore the island!
Where: Indonesia


Homoki Lodge is located in Rusza, a small village in Hungary, and it’s basically in the middle of nowhere. Luckily it’s just a 2-hour drive away from Budapest, so this could be a nice little getaway from the big capital. It’s close to Serbia and Romania’s border, so you’ll be able to visit these countries as well – if you’ve got a car, that is.

Homoki Logde offers luxury yurts (tents) in 2 levels. Yes, 2 levels, so you’ll have a nice lounge area on the lower level, and just on top, you’ll find your bed. But it doesn’t stop here, it comes with a dome window, so you’ll be able to lie in bed watching all the stars. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

The price is EUR 124/DKK 922, and you’ve got both Aircon for the hot days and heated floors for the colder days. You’ve also got a private terrace where you can enjoy a glass of wine.


Price: EUR 124/DKK 922
Included: Breakfast, Aircon, WiFi, Parking. 
Where: Hungary (But close to Serbia and Romania)


Arena Glamping is located in Croatia, on the famous Istria peninsula, near the town Pula. Pula is known for its Roman ruins, the beach, and its protected harbor. So if you fancy visiting Pula, it’s just a short 15 min car ride away.

The tents at Arena Glamping are a mixture of a tent and a cabin, and it comes with a kitchen and fridge. So you’ll be able to cook your own meal in luxurious settings. This tent also har 2 bedrooms, so it’s big enough for your entire family or a couple of friends.
The price is EUR 128/DKK 952 per night (for 4 pax, so if you think about it, this is pretty cheap Glamping as well), but there’s a minimum stay of 5 nights. However, you’re in a really cool place with a lot of activities and surrounding towns to explore! And you’ve also got a terrace here!


Price: EUR 128/DKK 952 (4 pax)
Included: WiFi, Kitchen
Where: Croatia


Skovgaardsminde is located in the Northern part of Jutland in Denmark. This region is known for Skagen, a small picturesque town, and for Grenen. Grenen is the most northern part of Denmark, and it’s where to seas meet. Skovgaardsminde is only a 30-minute drive away from Aalborg, so this would be a perfect excuse to visit this charming town!

The tents at Skovgaardsminde are bell tents with a comfortable bed and real duvets – so you can get a good night’s sleep! This place is a real treat for those who really want to be part of nature, as it’s very secluded. You’ll have your very own camp-ground with a campfire, so you can make food over the fire – or burn marshmallows. 

The price is EUR 169/DKK 1.260, and you get breakfast included. But, hold on, this breakfast comes from local produce – so yummy!


Price: EUR 169/DKK 1.260
Included: Breakfast, Bonfire
Where: Denmark


Cuatro Cuatros is located in Baja California in Mexico. However, it’s super close to Tijuana and USA’s border, so for those driving down from the States, it’s just a short drive south. The area is known for its beaches – and of course, the nightlife in Tijuana.

Cuatro Cuatros is also a mixture of a tent and a cabin – but with an amazing view of the nearby vineyard. It comes with Aircon, but for those chilly nights, you’ve also got a fireplace.
At this place, you’ve also got a terrace where you can enjoy the view with a glass of wine from the vineyard.

The price is EUR 144/DKK 1.075 per night, and it comes with 2 big beds – so you could basically stay 3-4 people!


Price: EUR 144/DKK 1.075
Included: WiFi, Aircon, Heater
Where: Mexico


Niddo is located near the town Suesca, and just outside of Bogotá. It’s 1,5 hours to Bogota, so you’ll have the option to explore the capital. It’s surrounded by hills, so you’ll have an amazing view of the landscape. 

These tents are bell tents, and pretty similar to the ones at Skovgaardsminde. You’ll have a great bed, and the option to stay up to 4 people here. You’ve got your very own little patio with lounge chairs. 

The price is EUR 51/DKK 380, and you’ve also got the options to include massages, hiking trips, and ziplining at an extra cost. 


Price: EUR 51/DKK 380
Included: Heater
Where: Colombia

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