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What is Glamping and How Do I Find It?

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Glamping, the new travel trend of 2020, is a mixture of camping and luxurious settings - and here's what you need to know!
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Most of us have all tried camping at some point in our lives. It’s nice to be outdoors surrounded by beautiful nature, and perhaps a bonfire in the evenings. It’s cozy sitting around the bonfire, relaxing with a drink, and maybe some music.

The camping disadvantages

Let’s be honest it is not all fun and roses. Camping has some negative sides to it the everyone needs to consider before embarking on a trip:

  • It can be difficult setting up your tent.
  • Cold in the evenings, but as soon as the sun hits your tent, you feel like you’re in a sauna.
  • Sleeping on the ground – or well, sometimes you can barely sleep because the surface is so hard.
  • Not enough room!

Doesn’t sound appealing to you either? How about Glamour Camping – or Glamping as it’s better known as? I bet that spikes your interest a bit. 


What is glamping?

Glamping is the new camping, and it allows people – like me – who don’t really fancy a night on the ground and without a toilet nearby to go camping, since you can do it comfortably.

Glamping is for anyone who enjoys nature and prefers the comforts and luxury of an actual bed instead. With this type of accommodation, you’ll be able to sleep in modern surroundings while still being in nature. The tents come in different sizes, tents, luxury, and prices vary depending on these aspects as well as the amenities.

Most glamping experiences offer a full-size bed with warm comfy blankets or even an actual duvet. Other amenities include a small tea kitchen/outdoor barbecue facilities, lounge chairs (both inside the tent and outside), and a nice view – plus no hassle setting up the tent. It’s already set up, the bed is made, and a bottle of wine might be waiting for you as well.

If you aren’t convinced that this experience is for you, then check out the picture below!


Where do I find this experience?

Let me guess, the picture did it for you, right? It looks amazing, but now you might be wondering how to find these glamping tents?


A lot of campsites have gotten on this recent trend and have started to offer Glamping as well as old-fashioned camping. Check out the camping sites in your destination. They might be offering Glamping too. Just beware that you might not get the serenity that you wish for if the campsite is a busy one!


You can find pretty much any kind of accommodation on Airbnb; an old airplane, a mill, a yurt, luxury homes, treetop cabins. You name it, Airbnb probably has it. And you’re able to find Glamping as well.

Since AirBnB was made to cater to private homeowners to rent out their spare room or home when not in use, they mostly have unique glamping experiences. Some are more basic, and some are more luxurious, but most of them offer some privacy and serenity.


Glamping.com has researched and found a lot of opportunities when it comes to Glamping. You can just use their search and sort by location, type, and price range. Piece of cake! They also have other types of accommodation as well, which looks pretty cool!

However, they are still an online travel agency that earns a commission on bookings through them, so they don’t list all of the glamping options, but only those who partner with them. Even though they operate in a lot of countries, there’s not a single one in Denmark! (But keep on reading, and I’ll let you know another cool site).


Alternative sites


Google has a lot of information – including information about Glamping. Just spend a couple of hours searching on Google, and you’ll be able to find some amazing glamping experiences that might not be listed on Airbnb or Glamping.com.

Be on the lookout for articles and blog posts, especially those with titles like “the 10 best glamping spots”. And if you’re looking to go abroad, try searching in another language than English!


GoGlamping is a pretty cool site! Not only do they offer awesome glamping experiences, but they also have unique accommodation like a wine-barrel, schoolbus, circus wagon, and treehouses.

They also offer a “weather-guarantee”, so if it’s pouring down, you can move your booking free of charge! So far, all of the different options are only in Denmark, but hey, now you’ve got a good reason to visit Denmark!

There you have it!

If you are more curious about glamping make sure to check out this article about the 7 most cool (and cheap) Glamping experiences from around the world.

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