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Transfer ownership of a trip-list

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It is possible to transfer ownership of a trip-list, and this small guide will show you how to do it.

If you are a Trip Owner and do no longer wish to participate in the trip-list, but do not wish to delete it, it is possible to simply leave the trip-list. This way, the trip-list will stay accessible for the other members of the trip.

Remove the trip-list

Simply follow these steps to transfer the ownership and remove the trip-list:

  1. Find the trip-list in your Dashboard
  2. Select the Remove Trip-list in the options menu.
  3. You will receive a popup. From here you click “Leave Trip”.
remove trip-list

4. You will then receive a popup. From here you click “Leave Trip”.

Remove triplist

Delete the trip-list

There has to be at least one Trip Owner on the trip-list at all times. If you don’t wish to transfer the ownership and assign a Trip Owner you will have to delete the trip-list to remove it from your dashboard. You can read more about deleting a trip-list in this article

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