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IVN.dk​ Lentii Article

Last updated 05.02.2020
The website and prominent Facebook-Group, IVN has written an article about not only Lentii as a company, but also Bjørn Valentin and Kent Ove Jensen.

Lentii is in the spotlight at IVN.dk, a website that thrives for entrepreneurship- and entrepreneurs.

“Some say one should not start a business with their friends. Bjørn and Kent strongly disagree. Together they’ve gone on an entrepreneurial adventure based on their shared travel experience. Here they share a handful of good advice about do’s and dont’s as partners.”

In the article, the purpose of Lentii is briefly explained, followed by a throwback to when Bjørn and Kent got to know each other and how they, through cases at their education, experienced one another’s competencies, which has now lead to the success that is Lentii. Finalizing the article, Bjørn and Kent summed up some tips for what it takes to get solid teamwork and also what is essential when forming a team.

The article is in danish and can be read at the following link:

IVN.dk is a benefit club for entrepreneurs. For a small amount of money, customers will get everything from feedback from professional consultants, great deals, and the newest knowledge about entrepreneurship and a lot more.

It all started with a Facebook-group that, with their 77 thousand members, happens to be the most prominent- and active Facebook-group for entrepreneurs in Denmark.

Martin Rumph
I’m a marketing student with a high passion for digital marketing. Currently, I’m a marketing intern at Lentii, taking care of SoMe and blog posts.
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