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WebSummit Exhibition

Lentii at WebSummit in Lisbon

Last updated 18.02.2020
This year we had an Exhibition Booth at WebSummit, the largest tech event in Europe with +70.000 attendees. We feel fortunate to be allowed to participate

This year we were fortunate enough to be present at WebSummit in Lisbon. WebSummit is the biggest tech fair in Europe, with more than 1.200 speakers, +2.000 start-ups, and +70.000 attendees. 

WebSummit is a celebration of the European tech industry, and we have been honored to participate this year.


We managed to take a bunch of photos of our experiences there. Lisbon is vibrant with ancient buildings, incredible culture, and exquisite. Check some pictures of our expirences below:

Bjørn Valentin
During my journey as co-founder I have seen how much the world of travel faces hidden obstacles. It’s my objective to kill each obstacle, one at a time.
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