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Are you an influencer?

And your brand is associated with traveling

Well perfect! Lentii is going to be the next big social media, but this time it's a SoMe platform for travelers.

You've been carefully picked, so pay attention!

We picked you simply for being excellent and creating awesome content of high quality, and so we’re giving you the chance to be part of our adventure.

Being involved comes with many benefits.

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What is Lentii and how does it work?

Lentii is a versatile travel tool where you can store all your trip ideas in one place and plan in a collected calendar.

A tool for travelers!

We're an company that works hard to develop the world's most incredible travel planning tool, created through innovative thinking and the involvement of the actual travelers.

Why are we relevant for you?

We've built a fully functional travel planning tool that users already use. So now we're developing it into a social community platform focusing on making and sharing trips. 

Building a platform together

We always focus on improving the interface, and here you have the opportunity to make your mark on the platform through close collaboration with the team behind Lentii.

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Travel Photography
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Photographer Nomad

So what's in it for you

... being a Lentii ambassador?

The platform

Being an ambassador comes with the great opportunity of participating in developing the Lentii product into a platform that really creates value for your SoMe brands.

Establishing a better foundation for showcasing good travel memories is a fundamental interest of ours.

Getting featured on Lentii
More traffic and more followers
Participation in product development
Customized tool for travel planning
See more benifits

Influencer network

Being a part of our influencer network: “Living travelers” is about connecting like-minded influencers who also are passionate about traveling the world… 

We facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiring each other to produce more great content.

Establishing new relationships
Invitation for networking events
Sparring with like-minded influencers
See inspiring influencer cases
See more benifits

Be part of our unique travel network:
"Living travelers"

Be part of our unique travel network:
"Living travelers"

The first network for travel influencers, who in their daily work operate with the same quality values as Lentii, in an effort to inspire and disseminate the best travel content.

Through this network, sessions and events will be arranged by Lentii, which will be value-creating for network members.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to interact and make acquaintances with like-minded travel influencers.

  • Opportunity to establish good relations with like-minded travel influencers
  • Ongoing session and inspiring events every year.

Let's know if you're interested

Would you like to get more familiar with Lentii?