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Blog Posts for Itinerary Inspiration

Best Places For A Road Trip – Australia
Australia has some of the best facilities for a phenomenal road trip. Australia offers the...
Best Places For A Road Trip – U.S.
Road trips can be a great way to travel if you like driving. There’s just...
What Is Interrailing, What Are The Big Benefits, And Why Is Interrail An Amazing Way To Travel
One interrail pass grants you; easy transportation, pleasant experiences, stunning views, and lifelong friendships. This...
14 Photography Composition Techniques to Improve Your Travel Photos
Want to improve your travel photography? I’ve spent years shooting photos in exotic locations around the world. Here are my top tips!
12 important tips to be a professional travel photographer
Here are some good tips for you, if you ever wondered how to become a professional travel photographer
Nicolas Jægergaard – How to prepare for a photography trip
Nicolas Jægergaard shares his experiences and gives personal tips on how to prepare for a travel photography trip!
Nicolas Jægergaard – how to become a digital nomad
A Danish travel photographer and digital nomad. He describes the journey that brought him where he is today and some personal tips.
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A Travel Photographer’s Ultimate Packing Guide
Travel photographer Nicolas Jægergaard gives the ultimate guide to packing lightly and efficiently before embarking...
5 tips on how to avoid jetlag when traveling
One of the worst parts of long-distance travel is jetlag, here we bring you 5...
Foodie Favorites – explore new cultures through food
Embark on a gastronomical journey with one of our foodie favorites and explore new cultures...
How to get cheap accommodation
Ever wondered how to find cheap accommodation or even free? Just check out this article with 5 tips, and you’ll know how!
Travel tech – apps to help you travel during COVID-19
There are many new apps emerging to make the lives of travelers easier, and we have gathered a few in this post about travel tech!
Travel planning – 4 tips on how to travel in 2021
Travel restrictions are constantly changing, so the most essential part of travel planning in 2021 will be doing your research and having more than one plan!
Walkable cities – reach step goals in a new environment
Table of Contents Have you recently developed a new fondness for taking long walks? Then you should visit our walkable cities! Why not combine your new daily step goal with...
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The 3 Best Cities For A Christmas Getaway
Christmas is just around the corner, so if you are wanting a white christmas, check...
5 Great Places To Celebrate Halloween
Halloween, with carved pumpkins, costumes and horror houses, is a fun tradition. This list gives...
Getting Started on Lentii – A Guide for Group Travel
If you are still not sure how to use Lentii when planning group travel, here...
7 Amazing (And Cheap) Glamping Experiences
Have you always wanted to try Glamping? But struggling to find cheap Glamping?
5 Great Travel Accounts To Follow on Instagram
Since Instagram is saturated with travel accounts, we bring you those hidden gems that provide their audience with so much more than just pretty photos.
Best Online Travel Magazines in Denmark for Insights
Which online travel magazines are best to read for inspiration to your next trip? If you don’t know, check out this article.
3 Benefits of a Long Layover – a Surprising Advantage
Most people are terrified of booking a flight with a long layover.
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Making Friendships While Traveling – a Quick Guide
Are you planning your trip of a lifetime – but a bit scared of going...
What is Glamping and How Do I Find It?
Glamping, the new travel trend of 2020, is a mixture of camping and luxurious settings...
How to Plan a Group Trip Like a Pro
I think we can all agree that it is common to experience difficulties when traveling...
The Untold Secrets To Get Cheap Flights Tickets
Ever heard stories about people crossing oceans while spending as much as they would at a hairdresser’s? Here is how you can manage to do the same.
Tripoto vs Lentii – A Deep Comparison
If you are a big traveler, you have probably heard about these cool travel tools. If not, we have prepared a review of Tripoto and Lentii for you.
Getting Started on Lentii – A Quick Guide
Lentii is here to make every traveler’s life easier. Since there is nothing as awesome as Lentii on the market, we prepared a guide on how to use it.
10 Tips and Tricks for Travelers – The Short Guide
If you want to avoid common travel mistakes on your next adventure, check out this article. Even if you think you already know everything.
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