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Blog Posts for Itinerary Inspiration

14 Photography Composition Techniques to Improve Your Travel Photos
Reading time: 11 minutes. Want to improve your travel photography? I’ve spent years shooting photos...
12 important tips to be a professional travel photographer
Reading time: 15 minutes. Here are some good tips for you, if you ever wondered...
Nicolas Jægergaard – How to prepare for a photography trip
Reading time: 5 minutes. Nicolas Jægergaard shares his experiences and gives personal tips on how...
Nicolas Jægergaard – how to become a digital nomad
Reading time: 8 minutes. A Danish travel photographer and digital nomad. He describes the journey that brought him where he is today and some personal tips.
A Travel Photographer’s Ultimate Packing Guide
Reading time: 5 minutes. Travel photographer Nicolas Jægergaard gives the ultimate guide to packing lightly and efficiently before embarking on photography trips!
5 tips on how to avoid jetlag when traveling
Reading time: 3 minutes. One of the worst parts of long-distance travel is jetlag, here we bring you 5 tips on how to avoid it as much as possible.
Foodie Favorites – explore new cultures through food
Reading time: 3 minutes. Embark on a gastronomical journey with one of our foodie favorites and explore new cultures through food!
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How to get cheap accommodation
Reading time: 3 minutes. Ever wondered how to find cheap accommodation or even free? Just...
Travel tech – apps to help you travel during COVID-19
Reading time: 2 minutes. There are many new apps emerging to make the lives of...
Travel planning – 4 tips on how to travel in 2021
Reading time: 3 minutes. Travel restrictions are constantly changing, so the most essential part of...
Walkable cities – reach step goals in a new environment
Table of Contents Have you recently developed a new fondness for taking long walks? Then you should visit our walkable cities! Why not combine your new daily step goal with...
The 3 Best Cities For A Christmas Getaway
Reading time: 3 minutes. Christmas is just around the corner, so if you are wanting a white christmas, check out the 3 best cities for a getaway!
5 Great Places To Celebrate Halloween
Reading time: 4 minutes. Halloween, with carved pumpkins, costumes and horror houses, is a fun tradition. This list gives you the best places to spend Halloween.
Getting Started on Lentii – A Guide for Group Travel
Reading time: 2 minutes. If you are still not sure how to use Lentii when planning group travel, here is a detailed guide for you. After reading it, you’ll be...
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7 Amazing (And Cheap) Glamping Experiences
Reading time: 6 minutes. Have you always wanted to try Glamping? But struggling to find...
5 Great Travel Accounts To Follow on Instagram
Reading time: 4 minutes. Since Instagram is saturated with travel accounts, we bring you those...
Best Online Travel Magazines in Denmark for Insights
Reading time: 4 minutes. Which online travel magazines are best to read for inspiration to...
3 Benefits of a Long Layover – a Surprising Advantage
Reading time: 3 minutes. Most people are terrified of booking a flight with a long layover.
Making Friendships While Traveling – a Quick Guide
Reading time: 4 minutes. Are you planning your trip of a lifetime – but a bit scared of going alone?
What is Glamping and How Do I Find It?
Reading time: 4 minutes. Glamping, the new travel trend of 2020, is a mixture of camping and luxurious settings – and here’s what you need to know!
How to Plan a Group Trip Like a Pro
Reading time: 3 minutes. I think we can all agree that it is common to experience difficulties when traveling in a group. Luckily, it is easy to prevent them, and...
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The Untold Secrets To Get Cheap Flights Tickets
Reading time: 5 minutes. Ever heard stories about people crossing oceans while spending as much...
Tripoto vs Lentii – A Deep Comparison
Reading time: 4 minutes. If you are a big traveler, you have probably heard about...
Getting Started on Lentii – A Quick Guide
Reading time: 4 minutes. Lentii is here to make every traveler’s life easier. Since there...
10 Tips and Tricks for Travelers – The Short Guide
Reading time: 4 minutes. If you want to avoid common travel mistakes on your next adventure, check out this article. Even if you think you already know everything.
Volcano Boarding – The Exciting Choice For Warm-Wether Seekers
Reading time: 4 minutes. Volcano Boarding is the new surfing experience!
Solo Traveling – A Way To Discover Yourself
Reading time: 3 minutes. Be young, wild and free – and go explore the world on your own!
Ancestry Travel – Let Your DNA Choose Your Next Trip!
Reading time: 4 minutes. Let your ancestors or family history inspire you to your next travel destination – it might take you all the way to Tanzania!
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