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Slide Lentii is where you go,
to plan trips like a pro
Let's make travel planning fun, easy, and more efficient – Your next adventure starts here! Try Lentii for free
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Tired of useless planning fixes – see how that stops today!

Lentii is the social travel tool where you can store all your trip ideas in one place. Stop wasting time on useless fixes to store ideas and cut time in half!

We love our users, and they also love us!

Cool solution for travelers!

Lentii was the perfect solution for me, and my friends to easier collect everything in one place together.

Edith Carter

Perfect for travel planning

I always hated organizing trips because I never could remember all the good ideas I’ve stumbled upon.
Jonas Larsen

I really enjoy Lentii

I love traveling, and I would definitely use Lentii again the next time I need to coordinate a vacation.
Frederik Carlsen

The smart way to store ideas

Store your ideas for later, and re-capture the overview of your vacation, mapping every idea you’ve have found for the trip.

Better ideas lend you a better trip

Ideas are stored in categories, making it easy to add many different suggestions and still preserving an overview.

Turbo boosting group communication

Traveling groups can cut coordinations time in half, by having one spot to communicate and coordinate the trip together. 

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Use any platform for ideas

Browse the web & collect travel ideas together with your friends

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Communication made easy

Share thoughts and upvote the very best ideas for the trip

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Organize ideas and categories

Sort diverse ideas in relevant categories & cut time in half

Unlimited freedom and no restrictions

You should be using the platforms that you prefer. Self-planning provides you the freedom to choose, and Lentii is your extension of that freedom.

Start Planning Trips Like a Pro!