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Walkable Cities Germany

Munich, GermanyHeidelberg, GermanyLeipzig, GermanyRegensburg, Germany

4 extremely walkable cities in Germany to get you exploring! Some of them may not be there first cities that come to mind when you think of Germany, but they all have tons to offer and can be explored on foot!

Urban Exploration


Ever heard of Munich? Surely. A city in southern Germany is perhaps the "least German" among the cities of the nation and is the third for the number of inhabitants.
The royal residences, parks, and museums of Munich never fade in the mind of those who visit them, so we advise you to drop by. You could fall in love with it so much that you plan a permanent move; needless to say, Munich was the fourth city in the world for quality of life for two years in a row (2015 and 2016).


If you are looking for a medieval town with splendid buildings and a fairytale atmosphere, Heidelberg in Germany is for you.
Heidelberg is located in the Land of Baden-Württemberg, the Land with the capital Stuttgart so to speak. It is bathed by the Neckar River and has about 150,000 inhabitants. It is, therefore, a lively and sparkling university city. Its University, founded in 1386, is among the oldest in the world. Although both the students and many of its inhabitants speak English, I still recommend that you learn German phrases to express yourself well in any situation.


Leipzig is located in the northwest of Saxony, one of the 16 German Federated States. Exactly in the south of East Germany.

It is known worldwide for its history as a trade fair city ("mother of trade fairs"), a tradition that is still alive and has given the city's profile a beautiful system of galleries, arches, and underpasses, unique in Europe. As well as for his priceless musical tradition, linked to names such as Wagner, born in Leipzig, Bach, who in Leipzig conducted the choir of the Church of St. Thomas for almost 30 years and who composed his most representative works here, Mendelssohn, who lived in Leipzig and whose historic home can still be visited, and the married couple Clara and Robert Schumann.