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Underrated Student Trip Destinations


Student trips can be one of the funniest in the world, and you'd rather make the most of your trip as possible. These are often the same places where students go on trips, which is why we have chosen to focus on some of the most underrated places that exist right now. The places are way out of the ordinary, and we think it's strange they are underrated. <div><br></div>

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Are you looking for exciting places for your next student trip? Look no further! Here we have collected 5 of the most underrated places to go on a student trip in 2021.

We hope you will find at least one of the places exciting and maybe give it a shot at your next student trip.

Sarandë, Albania

Sarandë (aka Saranda) is a resort in the Albanian Riviera, located in the south of Albania. If you want to find a destination for your student trip, Sarandë can be just the right place! 


There will be both the opportunity to experience exciting and not least fascinating sights while you are here. For example, you can find the remains of a 5th-century synagogue in the city itself. In addition, Butrint, an ancient colony, is located a few miles outside the city. These are sights you don't see every day and certainly won't be beyond that experience. 


If you think the trip contains too many activities and want to relax by the beach or catch rays. Then you can do it at one of the many beautiful beaches. 


If you want the tour to include several activities and space for relaxation, then Sarandë in Albania can be the perfect place for your trip!

Fréjus, France

Fréjus in France is yet another underrated student trip destination. There aren't many student trips heading for this destination, which we don't understand at all! There are many fun and exciting sights here, whether in an amusement park or exploring beautiful nature.


If you want to experience nature, then Site de Malpasset can be a place just for you! A degraded dam that clearly shows what forces nature has. The water destroyed the dam and parts of the surroundings at the time, so it can be challenging to get to Site de Malpasset, hence why it is a good idea to bring the hiking shoes with you.


If you want a fast-moving activity, the possibility of amusement parks is also here. These includes Luna Park Fréjus and Aqualand Fréjus. Here you can burn off a lot of calories while having fun with your friends.


Last but not least, make a stop by one of the many maintained beaches. They are so beautiful and give an instant sense of relaxation.

Mani Peninsula, Greece

Greece is not usually a place you think is underrated, and neither are significant parts of Greece. However, there are still places in the country that are not often visited, which we do not understand! Although it is primarily nature you want to experience here, it is still on the list, as nature is quite extraordinary.


Countless beaches are out of the ordinary, but the mountains are also something all to themselves. In the mountains, you will find many old, traditional villages that give an authentic insight into how people lived back in time.

Kusadasi, Turkey

Whether it's outdoor activities where you're going out and experiencing nature or cultural activities you want to participate in - Kusadasi, Turkey has it all.


Boat trips are always a hit! Experience the 6-hour long boat ride around the Aegean coast. Explore the hidden beauties or use the whole tour to get a delicious tan. It's entirely up to you, but we can guarantee that you won't be without this experience. Six hours on a crystal clear blue sea, I guess no one says "no" to that.


If you can't get enough of nature and want to experience more, we recommend going on Jeep Safari in Kusadasi. For example, you will have the opportunity to visit parts of the National Park where private individuals are not usually allowed to come. 


On trip, you can also take a dip in the lovely Zeus Cave. Definitely worth a look!

And if you were to be around anyway, stop by the town of Ephesus, where old and unique buildings still stand from several hundred years ago.

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Last but not least, we have Hobart, an island state in Australia and the capital of Tasmania, on the list. Although large parts of Australia are well known among students for their student trips, there are still some places that we think are underrated, which is why it is also on the list.


Australia is often known for its wildlife and vast forest areas where animals can live freely. That is why we have also chosen to have a minor focus in this area.


Bonorang Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal for animal lovers. Here you will find all kinds of animals ranging from koalas to kangaroos - so there should be an opportunity to find your favorite animal among here!


We recommend cycling in the beautiful landscape and maybe shooting some great pictures and capturing some "moments" in your spare time. The scenery is so extraordinary that you want to have memories for life here. 


And if you're feeling thirsty and want to taste Australian beer, you're lucky! The oldest brewery in Australia, Cascade Brewery, can be found here in Hobart.