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Nina Petersen

Walkable Cities Asia

Tokyo, JapanSingaporeKuala LumpurPhuket, Thailand

Asia is a unique and immense part of the world. The cities to be visited are countless, and the whole Lentii wouldn't be enough to show all of them. But we will bring to you four of them. Four destinations are waiting for you. Culture, food, environments, colors, and costumes will amaze you.

Urban Exploration


Tokyo is immense and it is often necessary to use public transport, especially the subway and urban railway lines, to visit. Despite the density of the urban fabric, walking around Tokyo is easy and safe. The sidewalks are wide, pedestrians are usually given priority, and there are safe paths that allow long walks in any part of the city.

Walking in Tokyo is interesting and is the best way to discover the city in all its contrasts and its incredible variety. It is surprising how you can walk from a futuristic megalopolis environment to a placid suburb of a provincial city with a few steps. Tokyo amazes at every corner.


Three and a half million people in just 600 square kilometers. If it weren't for a large number of rules and laws governing the functioning of the city, Singapore would be a real mess. You can get fines for throwing paper, chewing gum, or cigarette butts on the ground. This is the price to pay by citizens and visitors to keep the city's soil always clean.

In any case, it will not be the Singapore floor that will attract your attention when you visit this city, but its skyscrapers and the bright lights that illuminate the night.

Kuala Lumpur

Below, Chinese houses, colorful Hindu temples, and towering mosques. Above one of the continent's most distinctive cityscapes is dominated by the Petronas Towers' twin towers. Above and below together, they give life to a glowing living map of all the stories and lives that have merged here since the colonial era.
Just turn a corner, and you feel like you are in Shanghai or Kowloon in Hong Kong. Then you walk a hundred meters, and you feel like you've ended up in the humid atmosphere of a South Indian street. 
All this in a city: indeed only in this city. That's why a Kuala Lumpur travel guide is a concentrate of so many flavors.