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A wonderful trip to Thailand


If you still haven't visited Thailand, what are you waiting for? It is one of the most popular holiday destinations today, and for a reason. Whether you are planning a beach retreat or a backpacking adventure, you came to the right place for inspiration.


A guide to discovering Thailand

Thailand needs no introduction. Known as “The land of smiles", this jewel of Southeast Asia is probably high up on everyone’s travel bucket lists. From the rather busy capital of Bangkok to the relaxing island beaches, Thailand will not disappoint you.

The climate in Thailand is the most pleasant from October to April, when the rainy monsoon season has passed and the hot season hasn’t begun yet. But don’t fear - you will still get to enjoy temperatures up to 30 degrees celsius. If you don't mind unpredictable weather with heavy rainfall, you can consider visiting in the off-season - the crowds will then be significantly smaller.

Population: approx. 69.43 million

Size: 513.120 km²

The people of Thailand are known to be the friendliest in the world and help is never difficult to find. 

Some tourists choose their travel dates specifically so they can be a part of the grand festival celebrations in Thailand. For example, to celebrate Thai New Year's, national water fights are held with an aim of washing down bad luck from the previous year. Loy Krathong or Festival of Lights is probably the most magical festival. Families place baskets decorated with flowers and candles on the water to let go of all the bad things down the river channels.

One of the main reasons to visit Thailand is definitely the exceptional cuisine. It is healthy, varied, exotic and incredibly delicious. The right combination of flavors, ingredients and spices make it the gastronomic experience you will desperately try to recreate at home. Rice, noodles, different types of fish and seafood, curries and colorful salads are typical for Thai cuisine. Thailand is also a fruit paradise, offering exotic species such as dragon fruit, lychee or durian.

Thai food

Planning a trip to Thailand may seem daunting, since this diverse country has so much to offer. To make things easier for you, we have researched different parts of Thailand and gathered region-specific suggestions. Now you will be able to get a quick overview of what you could do and where you could go.

The vibrant capital Bangkok

Most travelers begin their exploration of Thailand from its busy capital, Bangkok. Even though it's the most chaotic place in the country, you can feel the culture and the tradition on every step. Take a ride in tuk-tuks, enjoy the endless shopping options and try eating something you have never eaten before. We recommend the hidden gem and the local's favorite Krua Apsorn restaurant, whose owner used to cook for the royal family.

Thai markets are impossible to compare with other markets in the world. Each of them is special, some of the markets are full of street food, others offer antiques or used valuables. The selection always surprises you. The largest open-air market in the world is Chatuchak, located in the northern suburbs of Bangkok. Its area is the size of five football fields and there are as many as 8000 stands there, so make sure to stop by while you are in the capital.

Thailand has more than 40,000 Buddhist temples, which means that one of them will surely enchant you during your visit. Each of them is associated with some dynasty and belongs to some architectural period and building style. Among the most important temples in Bangkok are the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Saket and Wat Arun.

Busy streets of Bangkok

The rural north

The rural north

The northern part of Thailand is for history and nature lovers. From the hectic capital, take a train to Ayutthaya, a UNESCO site full of ancient Buddhist temples, monasteries, and statues. Continue the journey all the way to Chiang Mai, the capital of the north and a perfect base for exploring the entire region. Absorb the unique architecture and the rustic vibes, visit the national park and the highest Thai mountain Doi Inthanon, or learn how to prepare a local dish with one of the popular cooking classes.

You will not be able to avoid visiting the spectacular temples of Wat Chiang Man, Wat Phra Singh, and Wat Phan Tao. 

You should reserve at least a couple of days for exploring this rich region of Thailand. If you are into health and wellness, in the city of Pai you can enjoy yoga retreats, meditation centers, massages, and endless healthy, locally grown food options.

Ayutthaya temples

The tropical southern islands

Now let's talk about the thing that first pops into everyone's minds when they hear the word Thailand - its breathtaking islands and beaches! There are many options to choose from, the vibrant Phuket, the romantic Koh Samui, or the secluded Yao Islands and Koh Samet if you crave a bit of tranquility. Whichever island you pick, the beaches will not disappoint you.

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can enjoy more than 2,400 kilometers of coastline with some of the best diving spots in the world. The Pattaya region is known for its sea turtles, which you are sure to encounter as soon as you dive in. Other places where every diver’s heart will melt are Koh Tao, Koh Chang, and Chumphon.

Stunning beaches

No matter the type of vacation you are into, you are guaranteed to fall in love with Thailand. It is so easy to make it suit everyone's preferences and hopefully, with this guide, it will be even easier for you to create your perfect itinerary.

Suggestions and information when going to Thailand

Bug spray might become your best friend in Thailand, so make sure you always have it with you. Also, sunscreen is a must. The Thai sun probably has a much higher UV index than you are used to, so you will burn quickly and easily. 

Entry to Thailand requires some vaccinations, so make sure you got all your shots.

Be respectful when visiting temples, by wearing modest clothing and not disturbing the people who are praying.

When it comes to drinking water, it's better to be safe than sorry and stick to only consuming bottled water. Even the locals in Thailand do that, so why not follow their example? The same tip applies for choosing street food stalls to eat at. Usually the ones where the locals go are considered safe.

Our final suggestion is regarding animal safety in Thailand. Make sure you are not supporting any places where they abuse animals for touristic purposes. Do your research beforehand so you can leave this beautiful place with a clear conscience.