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A weekend in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is home to historical buildings, amazing food and fun escape rooms! In this trip list, I'll share some of my favourite things in Budapest.

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Introduction to Budapest


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is the largest city as well. Budapest has a population of 1,75 million people, but each year around 30 million tourists visit Budapest. And when you've read this trip-list, you'll want to see this beautiful capital as well.

Budapest offers a bit of everything. So whether you're a foodie looking for great food, a history-lover with a desire to experience the parliament or castle, or a shopaholic who enjoys the shopping scene - Budapest is perfect for you!

Budapest is also home to Sziget Festival - so if you're keen on visiting Budapest and the Sziget Festival, you can check out this blogpost about cool festivals in 2021 for more information


Budapest has many local specialties, and one of the most well-known dishes is Gullasch. If you're keen on an aperitif, try the most famous beverage Pálinka (warning: I did not like it, but you do have to try it!) 

Also, try the Hortobagy pancakes - both the savory and the sweet one. It's a Hungarian specialty, and they are delicious! 


Budapest is a cheapish city to explore, and staying a couple of nights won't break your bank. Even so, you can choose any hotels of your liking/ budget, but I do recommend staying close to the center or at least a train station. 

The hotel I've found is in a really central location, got good reviews - and it's not expensive. 


Getting around in Budapest is relatively easy, as most sights are within walking distance. However, getting around by bus/tram/car is also easy - and cheap! So if you're feet are tired after a long day of walking, or you are staying a bit outside of the city center, you can just head to the nearest tram stop. 


Welcome to Budapest! Let's start out this weekend trip by exploring the east side of Danube. Most of the hotels, restaurant and shopping is located at the east side of the Danube River. Beside this, the Hungarian Parliament building is also located at the banks of Danube River. Start off by visiting this magnificent building - if you've got the time, take a tour of the parliament. It's a pretty remarkable building with lots of history and beautiful architecture. 

Afterwards, follow the river into the city center, and on the way you'll encounter “Shoes on Danube Bank” - a site made to honour the jews who were killed under World War II. 

Keep following Danube River untill you find yourself near the Ferris Wheel and the Hello Hungary sign. Enjoy a ride in the Ferris Wheel at sunset. It will give you great views over the city. 

This side of the river is rich on shopping, food and nightlife. One of the most famous places to explore good food and nightlife is Gozsdu Udvar. Gozsdu Udvar is a cool place with many restaurants and bars, and a great spot for a drink before bedtime. 

Tip: If you like puzzles and riddles, then Budapest is rich on Escape Rooms - and they are so much fun! It's also cheap, so it's the perfect place to challenge your inner child. 

LOCKED ROOM BUDAPEST - High Quality Escape Room Adventures
Ferris Wheel of Budapest
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Gozsdu Udvar | Where Happy People Meet


Budapest is kinda divided by the Danube River into two. Today is all about exploring what the west side of the Danube River is all about. This side is a real treat for those who love history, a good view - and a cupcake!

First, head over the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, and put your own lock on. Then visit the Tortamuhely for a tasty cupcake - I promise, they are really delicious! And with your tummy full, it's time to explore the Fishermans Bastion. At this place, you can really get a unique panorama view over the city and the parliament.

Afterward, head to Buda Castle - it's just a short walk away. Buda Castle is located on a hill, but luckily you can take the funicular up (or down). It's a fun little ride in a traditional old funicular. Spend some time exploring the Buda Castle, and when you feel like you've spent enough time, then head to the labyrinth under the Buda Castle Hill. This labyrinth was actually created as cellars and bomb shelters and held Count Dracula as a prisoner. Spend an hour or two exploring the underground maze.

If you're up for it, then head to Gellert Hill. It's just a 30-minute hike up the hill, and once you're there, you'll get a fantastic view of the entire city and be able to explore an old fortress. This is also an excellent place to watch the sunset over the city.

When you're done sightseeing for the day, head to the other side of the river and find a place for dinner. Or book a river cruise with dinner, and enjoy the views from the riverside! 


Sunday - the day of relaxation. And that is exactly what you're supposed to do on your very last day here. 

Budapest is well-known for its thermal springs, and it’s actually known as the “city of baths”. Several places offer thermal baths, and the biggest - and best one if you ask me - is Széchenyi Thermal Baths. Széchenyi is home to 15 indoor pools and 3 huge outdoor pools - and they each vary in size and temperature. You can soak up in the hot bath, or try out the freezing cold pool that will give you chills. You can easily spend a couple of hours in this place!

Afterward, take a stroll around the City Park just in front of Széchenyi, and enjoy the view of the Vajdahunyad Castle before you venture out to do a bit of shopping. Arena Mall and Westend Shopping Centre are two good options to do a bit of last-minute shopping. If you prefer local handcraft and souvenirs, head to the city center.

Depending on what time you’ll depart Budapest, spend the last couple of hours strolling around in the inner city.