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Astonishing Austria


Hi Guys - This is my itinerary for a road trip to and through Austria. The plan is to make one or more stops through Germany, possibly at golf resorts, and then move towards the Alps, where I will explore all of Austria's hidden gems once again. Read it through and please give me feedback on any changes so we can have the best possible holiday together :)


Austria - short introduction


Austria borders several countries with stunning scenery, including Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia, etc. Austria is no exception - Austria has a magnificent and perhaps some of the most charming nature in Europe.



The weather varies a lot depending on the season you visit Austria. Like all southern European countries, it is warm during the summer months, whereas winter usually offers snow for several months. However, the temperature also varies depending on the altitude you are on.



In my opinion, the Austrians are truly a pleasant people. It's normal to smile at strangers, and some people even greet. However, it can vary if you are in a big city like Vienna, where things go a little faster, and people are a little busier.



In Austria, the euro is used; however, credit cards can be used in most places. One must be prepared for the fact that the smaller villages (of which there are many in Austria) do not always accept credit cards.



Austria is known for a variety of different kinds of food, but there is one dish that stands out to me; Wienerschnitzel. Wienerschnitzel is one of my personal favorites, not just of Austrian food, but globally - I can really recommend you to try that.



Since you are my best friends, I am aware that we can't have the whole trip just exploring nature. Fortunately, Austria has a lot to offer that can give us an adrenaline rush, including river rafting, canyoning, sommerrodelbahn, skydiving, etc.


5 Facts about Austria:
  • Size: 83.879km²
  • Population: approx. 8.859 million
  • Currency: Euro
  • Austria is a landlocked country, meaning that it has no territory connected to any coastlines.
  • The Austrian Alps covers up 62% of the area of Austria, which allows for a lot of fun and beautiful trips if you deviate from the highways.


Things to remember:

Table for calculations:

DaysGas TollsHotelsActivities
Day 1 3710012050
Day 2 83 -10078
Day 3    






Horsens - Nuremberg

The tour starts in Horsens, where we collectively drive towards the first stop, Nuremberg, a trip of small 9 hours. I, therefore, think that we should leave at around 5 a.m., which will make us arrive sometime in the middle of the afternoon. 


When we arrive in Nuremberg, I have listed a few hotels where we would spend the night and, in doing so, take a round of golf at a nearby golf course before going out for dinner. 

I have also come up with a suggestion for dinner, but feel free to add some more if you know any good restaurants in Nuremberg!


Hotel Schindlerhof, Nürnberg/Boxdorf
Novotel Nuernberg Centre Ville
Golfclub am Reichswald e. V.

Nurenberg - Salzburg

It's day 3 of the tour, and we arrive in Austria, more specifically, Salzburg. In the Salzburg area, there is an incredible number of things to do. In my opinion, Salzburg is probably one of the most exciting areas in Austria, at least in terms of attractions.

I don't think we should put a certain number of days aside here; I think we should take things as they come, so we don't feel like we will be busy with some of the sights/attractions.


Below, I have listed some suggestions that I can recommend in the area, but if you have more suggestions, please add them!

Salzburg - Klagenfurt

After a few days in the Salzburg area, head for southern Austria, specifically Klagenfurt, which is the capital of the Carinthia region.

The trip down there is incredibly beautiful, and Carinthia itself is known for its beautiful freshwater lakes, where the water often looks turquoise blue. 

I, therefore, think it seems adjacent that we are going to pass some of these lakes, and I can recommend a lake called "Faaker See," which I have also listed below.


On our way to Carinthia, we pass a town called "Badgastein," which has an incredibly nice golf course, where we can possibly take a round of golf.

In addition, Austria, as you know, is also known for its so-called "Sommerrodelbahn," which is a form of rollercoaster down a mountain. My favourite Sommerrodelbahn is actually close to Badgastein, on route to Klagenfurt, so it would almost be foolish not to go there and try it out.

Klagenfurt - Vienna

After Klagenfurt, the trip goes to Austria's capital, Vienna. It's a trip of a few hours, and I, therefore, think we should leave relatively early, so we have extra time in Vienna.

On the way to Vienna, one of Europe's most beautiful golf courses, in my opinion anyway. I think we should stop by and take a round of golf as I don't assume that you've experienced such a charming round of golf before.


When we arrive in Vienna, we must first check in at the hotel. However, you should help choose where to stay, so please vote for the hotel you find most interesting. 

I've never been a type who's particularly interested in museums, so I leave the sights up to you in Vienna. However, I've added one thing I'd like to see again, but feel free to add a lot of stuff that we can do in Vienna.
Golfclub Adamstal
Boutique Hotel Donauwalzer
Hotel Grand Ferdinand Vienna
The home of the Wiener Schnitzel | FIGLMÜLLER

Vienna - Horsens

After a few days in Vienna, we're heading towards Denmark.

There isn't anything to see on the way home, at least to my knowledge anyway, but if you have some suggestions through the Czech Republic, please add it guys!