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Foodie Favourites: Southern Europe

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Have you ever wanted to try some new food? Taste something different than what you always do? Or have a particular desire to try the food from Southern Europe? Then you've come to the right place! Below you will find inspiration for the food on your trip to Southern Europe - read along here and get inspired!


Southern Europe

This time Foodie Favourites focuses on southern Europe. The characteristic of the food here is the high consumption of fresh ingredients such as vegetables. However, this does not mean that the countries do not have something for the sweet tooth hence why the list will also contain a mixture of sweets and main meals.

You may already know some of the dishes on the list in advance, but we'll do our best to inspire you - maybe you'll learn something new about a dish or two.


Qofte fërguara

Qofte fërguara comes in many shapes and sizes, but you mainly serve them as meatballs. Qofte fërguara is a mixture of beef and lamb, and you are usually making them as a main meal. However, you can eat the meatballs as an appetizer.

In some places, they make Qofte fërguara with chicken in it, so if you'd rather like that, you might want to try it with chicken instead. The dish also contains onions, garlic, and feta cheese.



Petiscos is very similar to Tapas and is also akin to Tapas in the world of food. The dish contains many different ingredients, such as pork, cod, chicken, snails, and much much more. There will definitely be something for everyone! If you were to visit Portugal, Petiscos is a meal that you don't want to miss.

In Portugal, they serve Petiscos in many parts of the country. The selection of the pieces can vary greatly depending on where you order your Petiscos. The dish is mainly sold in bars and restaurants and served with a beer or a glass of wine.



Espetada - the traditional dish and specialty of the island of Madeira - is large pieces of meat marinated in garlic and salt. Besides being a specialty, Espetada is also the most popular dish for parties in Madeira - and for a good reason.

In some places, they serve Espetada with pork, squid, or sausages instead of beef. It tastes great but is not a faithful copy of the typical Madeira dish anymore. However, the flavorful pieces of meat served with crusty bread are a great combination that we don't think you'll miss.



Souffle is famous and loved worldwide and has been for a long time. Souffle originates in France and is best known as a dessert with its fantastic taste but is also available as an appetizer.

The cooking process can be complicated, and the inexperienced cooker will probably experience significant problems with the unforgiving process. Therefore, we recommend practicing at it sometimes or eating at one of the many restaurants that serve a perfect Souffle. 


You'll find several places in France where chefs have perfected the Souffle, so you only have to enjoy the food and not focus on a demanding cooking process. Not a bad solution, right?



And now for another French classic. This time, however, not originating in France, but with significant influence of French cooking - the croissant.

There are two kinds of croissants: the traditional croissant and the more modern croissant. The difference between the two types is that the more modern croissant often contains cream in the middle of the croissant, compared to the traditional ones where the cream gets eaten as an accessory.


The main ingredients consist of flour, butter, egg, sugar, milk, and salt. What you want as an accessory is up to you, but there is butter and jam of popular choices.



Cocido is a traditional Spanish stew that contains a lot of regional ingredients. The dish can include various types of meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, and much more. In addition, the dish also contains several vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.

Feel free to experiment with other ingredients as the dish can contain all kinds of ingredients and still taste amazing!



People considered Paella to be the most popular dish in Spain. The dish first got invented in Valencia, where the focus was on using seasonal ingredients. Now, however, the name belongs more to the pan itself in which the food gets cooked. Although the dish has changed over the years, it still contains classic essential ingredients.

Paella is traditionally cooked over an open fire and served in the pan where the food gets cooked.

There are many beliefs about how Paella should be cooked the right way, and it can be challenging to reach an agreement. However, most people say that the taste of saffron and the need for a crispy bottom of socarrat are essential for a Paella to be good.


You may need to try it in several places, so you know what kind of Paella you like the best!

Worth mentioning

If you happen to come across the dishes below, you should not cheat yourself of a heavenly experience. 

The name of the dish is listed, as well as the country you can find it in.

  • Dolma (Turkey)
  • Pasta carbonara (Italy)
  • Souvlaki (Greece)
  • Sarajevski cevapi (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Do yourself a favor trying the food from Southern Europe. You won't regret it!

Bon appetite - and good luck with your food experiences!