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I love traveling, and there are many ways of doing it. One of my favorites is definitely walking through the cities; it is cheap, healthy, and allows you to get very close to whatever comes on your way. Here we have the most walkable cities in the USA, so grab your bottle of water, and let's see what the USA offers us!

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The big apple, New York!

What a surprise, huh? Well, New York is at the top of the most walkable cities in the USA by most travel platforms, blogs, and web journals. We all know that New York is also one of the busiest cities in the entire world, so our feet are the best transport in the big apple.

A walking food tour is one the best pieces of advice I'd give since New York is a great mix of cultures and traditions, and you'll for sure find joy for your taste buds. And after a good meal, a nice walk in Central Park is the best thing to do.

Right down here some other walkable spots around New York.

San Francisco

San Francisco is considered by many, together with New York, one of the few American cities worthy of a visit for its many attractions and beauty. It is considered the most "European" of the overseas cities due to the high architectural and cultural value. There are numerous hills and a beautiful bay to satisfy the gaze from which you can admire spectacular views, full of colors and harmony.


Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Founded in 1630 by a group of English colonists, it was the scene of some decisive events of the American Revolution.
Among these events, we remember the Boston Tea Party, which was an act of protest by the settlers against the motherland, following the recent commercial taxation laws. On that occasion, many crates of tea were thrown into the sea, an event that many consider the spark of the Revolution; Then followed the massacre of Boston, the battle of Bunker Hill, and the siege of Boston, events that can be recalled by walking through the streets of the historic center and following the red brick line that indicates the so-called Freedom Trail, the famous path of freedom, along which some of the most significant monuments meet.


Directly overlooking Biscayne Bay, Florida, Miami is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations. Kilometers and kilometers of white beaches alternate with neighborhoods where the watchwords are luxury and shopping.

Despite the glossy and glamorous air, however, Miami is much more: art, history, architecture, and a mix of peoples unique in the world, offer a unique character to the various districts of the city.