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Walkable Cities Scandinavia

Gothenburg, SwedenStockholm, SwedenOslo, NorwayMalmö, SwedenBergen, NorwayCopenhagen, Denmark

Plan a trip to one of these walkable cities in Scandinavia and reach your daily step goal in a new environment! Each city has an abundance of interesting things to explore entirely by foot!

Weekend Getaway


One of the most amazing things about this city is the large difference between the neighborhoods!

Vesterbro, Nørrebro, and Østerbro all have very different atmospheres and expressions as well as housing distinct types of people and can all be explored by foot.

Christianshavn has its own little Freetown Christiania, with interesting buildings surrounding the 'Christianshavns vold' famous for being a place where anyone is welcome!


Take a trip to Oslo - an eco-conscious harbor city with eclectic architecture and the home to the Nobel Peace Prize!

If you're an art enthusiast - make sure to stop by the National Gallery and see Edvard Munch's famous artwork The Scream as well as masterpieces by Manet and other French impressionists 🎨


Students make up around 10% of this beautiful city, bringing a modern and youthful atmosphere to the otherwise historic city 🎓

Although it is the second-largest city in Norway, Bergen manages to withhold a small-city charm as well as being a cultural hub with an abundance of museums and galleries. 

The city is surrounded by 7 mountains many of which are easily accessible for a climb! 🏔


A city of contrasts, with trends in fashion, design, music, and technology being born here 💡 whilst also having a rich history seen in the medieval urban core of Gamla stan and the Royal Palace!

Stockholm features an abundance of water, vibrant nightlife, and a wonderful blend of new and old!


Even though it is the second-largest city in Sweden, it's extremely walkable!

One of the most amazing things about this city is the abundance of greenery, seen in the many different parks - perfect for a relaxing daily walk!

Stop by Kooperativet and try some different street foods and walk up to Sjömanstornet for a beautiful view of the city! 🌇


Another city full of greenery - Malmö is green, vibrant, and steeped in history!

When walking through the city you'll find charming squares full of small coffee shops, colorful buildings, and lovely brick houses 🏘

Walk to the Malmö castle and take a stroll through Kungsparken (The King's park), the oldest park in Malmö and inspired by British gardens! 🌳