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Enchanting Berlin

Berlin, Germany

A city with a strong character hiding a dark shadow of the past. Its ancient buildings, memorials, and historic places express the hard times through which past generations have gone through. However, now the city is still recovering by introducing modern buildings and exciting places to see and visit.

Urban Exploration


As the capital of Germany, Berlin is known for its notable contrast between ancient and modern buildings reflecting the past and the present. Moreover, the city owns a well-organized subway system that favors citizens and tourists to go from one place to another.



After the devastating World War II, the city started recovering from the ruins, which lead to a mixture of architectural styles, now being able to notice modern buildings outstanding the old ones. No matter the style, Germany owns a mesmerising architectural style which takes you through the past and future at the same time. You feel the strong character of the country through the old buildings reflecting a tough past.

Berlin Cathedral
DZ Bank Building (Berlin)
Bebelplatz (Berlin)
Bellevue Palace (Berlin)
Reichstag Building
Charlottenburg Palace
Sanssouci Palace (Potsdam)


Here are some awesome ideas to visit when you get to Berlin.

Berlin's Botanic Garden is regarded as one of the best in the world, containing over 20.000 species of plants. Moreover, one of its most exciting views is in the Victoriahaus greenhouse which is in a glass pavilion that hosts several water plants. 

If you would like to see some animal life, there is a zoo and an Aquarium. However, these two aren't the greatest

places to see in Berlin.  

A very unique and engaging place is Berlin's Mirror Maze, where is fun to spend your time no matter the age. 

A not as commonplace to see is Little Big City, which gathered little stories of the last 750 years of life in a very unique and lovely way. You can find there many figures of historic buildings, projections, holograms with sounds and effects, and many others related to the history of the city.

East side gallery - Anmeldelse...
Botanical Garden and Botanical...
Berlin Zoological Garden
AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin
Little Big City Berlin
Memorial of the Berlin Wall
Mirror Maze Berlin
Treptower Park


The Hohenschönhausen Memorial is the place to see a darker side of Berlin's GDR history. There is an available guided tour that takes you through the Stasi prison. Within the 90 minute tour, a former inmate retells his personal emotional tale which is one of the things that attracts visitors to Hohenschönhausen. 

Note! Due to high demand, you should book an appointment in advance.


The German Museum of Technology presents a big variety of old and new technology. Permanent exhibits include rail transport, navigation, aerospace, film technology, telecommunications, textile, road traffic, etc. The museum is a very exciting and impressive place to see in Berlin. It is very easy to get lost in its multiple floors, sections, and parts and it is definitely a must-see.


The Museum of Silence is a very unique type of museum and place in general. The exciting thing about it is that the entry is free of charge. It's a nice place to go for meditation and for spending some time with yourself.
The museum exhibits abstract paintings and interesting architecture concept-buildings of Rooms of Stillness.

Futurium, Berlin
German Museum of Technology
Jewish Museum Berlin
Museum of Musical Instruments ...
The Holocaust Memorial - Memor...
Mitte Museum Berlin-Gesundbrun...
Berlin - Hohenschonhausen

Food & Restaurants

Germany like any other country has its own traditional foods for which it is loved, some of them are as follows:

Currywurst is one of the most popular sausage varieties in Germany, and many residents will advise that you taste it during your visit.  It's a sliced pork sausage with ketchup and curry powder on top that's normally served with french fries on the side.


The pretzel is another well-known snack in Germany It can be found in any cafe or bakery in various flavors: cheese, seeds, chocolate, etc. 


Kartoffelpuffer is a so-called potato pancake fried in a pan with onion. It is usually served as an appetizer before a meal. A local recommendation is to try them with apple sauce.

Königsberger Klopse

This dish consists of beef&pork meatballs cooked in broth. It is normally served in a cream sauce made of lemon juice and capers together with potatoes. 



This typical potato soup from Berlin is usually served as a starter, and it is very common in any restaurant in the city.

Berliner Pfannkuche

The Berliner Pfannkuche, known here as a Berliner, is a traditional guilty pleasure. Similar to a filled donut, the “pfannkuche” is stuffed with jam and covered with sugar glaze.

Apple Strudel

Many locals finish their meal with their favorite local apple desert. The scent of cinnamon together with the taste of apple is what makes this dessert special. Often served with vanilla cream.

German beer

Obviously, Germany is well known for its bear. It's a pity to go to Germany and not try their local bear. This could be the moment when you'll never want to get back to the previous bear you've consumed.


Here you could also consider some highly rated restaurants that might give you the pleasure of a good quality delicious meal.


ISLA cafe, Berlin - Neukolln (...
Restaurant Jolly, Berlin
Quy Nguyen Vegan Living, Berli...
CURRY61, Berlin - Mitte (Borou...
HAPPIES, Berlin - Pankow (Boro...
PORTOFINO, Berlin - Kantstr. 6...
NAMPAN, Berlin - Mitte (Boroug...

Final impressions

The city is definitely a worth visiting destination that takes you through the past with some cruel stories from history. Besides that, there are plenty of vibrant and mesmerizing places to see that will give you an exciting experience during your stay. 

Two or three days would probably be enough for you to explore Berlin and manage to see most of the places that it has to offer, and to kill two birds with one stone, try to visit other cities as well since you are already on the German land.