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Trip-list to New York City

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The destination is New York City, which is one of my personal favorite cities in the world. I've been there before, and although I feel like I've seen a lot, I'm convinced I've only seen a fraction of what the city has to offer.


New York City - short introduction

You can find a lot of information about NYC here at Lentii already, so it's just going to be a concise introduction to you guys, just so the most general questions are getting answered without you having to research too much.



Usually, you don't go straight to a big city to look at nature, but like many other big cities, NYC actually has something to offer. Many people's first thought would probably be Central Park, but the city can offer much more than that, including Riverside Park, Madison Square Park, etc.



The weather in NYC has all four seasons. It is 25-30 degrees in summer, and in winter, you can expect snow almost every winter. Other than that, NYC offers a delicious spring and a rainy fall.



In a city like NYC, there are all different kinds of people, so it depends a lot on where in the city you commit. 



In NYC, the US dollar is used, although credit cards can be used pretty much everywhere.



Like with people, you will be able to find literally all kinds of food in NYC.



In NYC, there is an incredible number of things to do. There are multiple museums, famous buildings, fun attractions, and some things that can give people an adrenaline rush.

Things to do in NYC

One thing that I think many people do wrong when they're on city breaks is that they plan every day prior to the trip.

It is better to plan what things you want to see and then when you are on the trip, take things as they come because otherwise, you have the feeling that you have to achieve something on your holiday constantly. 

That is not optimal on a city break because you are not always in control of transport time and do not get to enjoy the city itself from A to B.


Below are my most significant recommendations in New York; however, Madame Tussauds is debatable. You can see it in many cities, although it is not the same sculptures in every museum. 

Things like Times Square, the Rockefeller Center area, Central Park, etc., are some must-sees in New York, in my opinion. 

Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center
The Channel Gardens
Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge
One World Observatory
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Times Square


Times Square is something extraordinary. You walk through the streets of New York tonight, where there is already a lot of light compared to so many other places. But all of a sudden, you walk into the next street, and an insane amount of light greets you. There are big screens everywhere and an incredible amount of life in the street. It's an experience that words can't describe - you have to experience it yourself before you understand how cool an experience it is.


I would definitely recommend entering Times Square from the southern end. For me, you get the best first-time experience. And the further you get to the north end, the wilder an experience it becomes. 

Furthermore, there are quite a few good restaurants both on and around Times Square, so there is a plentiful opportunity to find good dining options.


Times Square
Madame Tussauds New York

Central Park


Take a stroll through one of the most strange parks in the world, Central Park. As seen in the photo above, the park is located in the heart of NYC, which you don't see in many big cities, at least not parks of that size. 

There is an incredible amount to do in Central Park; events, concerts, and even a tour in Central Park Zoo.


Funny little story; when I last visited New York, I was lucky enough to meet a very friendly squirrel who wanted to talk, so that was a fun little extra experience I got from my visit to Central Park.



Central Park also features many spots that have been in well-known movies. There are spots such as the Angel Fountain at Bethesda Terrace, Bethesda Terrace Stairs, Tavern on the Green, The Mall and Literary Walk, etc.

It's a fun experience to suddenly stand there yourself when you've been used to watching it on TV.

In addition, the park can also be used for sports, whether it is a jog, bike ride, or a football match with friends.


Times Square
Madame Tussauds New York
Bethesda Terrace



One of my favorite places to spend time in NYC is the area around Rockefeller Center and Plaza.

In summer, Rockefeller Plaza is a place for people to socialise, and during winter, it's used for ice skating. Rockefeller Center is also known for having an enormous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, which attracts an incredible number of tourists over the winter. 

You will also find shopping opportunities, restaurants, and many other beautiful buildings worth exploring in the area.



Another thing you can do at Rockefeller Center is to visit Top of the Rock. It's, as the name itself suggests, the opportunity to get to the top of Rockefeller Center and get stunning views of NYC's skyline. 

The view from Top of the Rock is great because Rockefeller Center is located at one end of NYC's impressive skyline. That means you get a completely different perspective of the city from Top of the Rock than what you would do from Empire State Building. 

Something that indicates that the view is astonishing is that the majority of images you see of the Empire State Building are actually taken from Top of the Rock.




When I was in New York, I bought a tour of NBC's TV studio in Rockefeller Center, which is actually a fun experience where you get an insight into how they record different shows at NBC. You walk through the various studios, backstage and you get the opportunity to sit in the studio as a host and make your own show - for fun, of course.


Justin Bieber was a guest on "The Late Show," the same day I was in there, so there were fans everywhere around Rockefeller Center, making you feel a bit like a VIP walking around the other side of the paddock.

In addition, the opportunity was there to meet some famous people; however, the chances are low.


Meeting famous people wasn't something that motivated me to get a tour; it was more for understanding how it all worked in the studio. It was the first time I realised how much "scam" there is on the other side of the TV screen. The tour guide talked about how many people thought "The Late Show" was filmed in Los Angeles, but it was all just "TV magic" that made it feel like that.


That got a bit off-topic, but nevertheless, it was really a good experience and can really be recommended - at least if they're still doing tours that way.


Rockefeller Center

New York CityPASS

Finally, I would like to suggest to people who plan to experience a lot in NYC. If you get a Sightseeing/City Pass, you can get huge discounts at many attractions in NYC.


A list of what you can expect to make savings on:
  • Lots of Museums
  • Empire State Building
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Madame Tussauds
  • One World Observatory
  • Top of the Rock 
  •  “Big Bus” tour
  • and much more!
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