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Fani Bosak

Experience 4 days in Malta


Malta is a country famous for its stunning beaches and rich history. Here is the exact itinerary of my trip to Malta in the summer of 2019. Enjoy!


Day 1 - Settling in Mellieha

I flew into Luqa early in the morning and grabbed the bus line X1 to Mellieha. I checked into my Airbnb around noon, so I had the whole afternoon and evening to explore this small town. The first stop was, of course, the beach! Mellieha has some beautiful sandy beaches nearby, but I decided to check out the most popular one, Ghadira Bay.

Maltese waters are apparently full of jellyfish, which I didn't know before. The good thing is that they are completely harmless (at least the ones I encountered ?), and you don't even feel a thing if you come in contact with them.

After swimming and sunbathing as much as my heart desired, I went for some lunch at Munchies, a lovely restaurant overlooking the bay. I had the traditional seafood ravioli and went for ice cream for dessert afterward.

Lunch with a view

In the evening, I decided to have a stroll through the lively center of Mellieha, enjoying the views of the majestic parish church.

Għadira Bay
Munchies Mellieha Bay
Parish Church of Mellieha

Day 2 - Exploring Gozo

Day 2 started by heading to Cirkewwa very early from where I caught a ferry to the second Maltese island of Gozo. I paid EUR 4.65 / DKK 35 for a return ferry ticket. The ferries run at least hourly, and the ride lasts for 30 minutes.

When I arrived at Mgarr port, I rented an electric bike right outside the ferry terminal, which I used to explore the entire island. It was barely 9 in the morning, and the strong Maltese sun was already burning my skin (please, don't be like me and wear plenty of sunscreen!).

About 8 kilometers to the north, my first stop was a red sand beach called Ramla, crowned as one of the world's best. What makes this picturesque beach even better is the Tal Mixta cave located right next to it, which offers some incredible views.

The view from Tal Mixta

If you have time, definitely take every opportunity you got to go for a swim. I was on a tight schedule because I had something exciting booked for 1 pm (read on to find out what!).

The next stop was biking through the nearby town of Marsalforn, to finally reach the famous Xwejni Salt Pans. The island of Gozo has a tradition of salt production, and these saltpans are unique because of their interesting chequerboard pattern, location next to the ocean, and incredible photo opportunities.

Xwejni Salt Pans

A few minutes away from the saltpans, there is a scenic valley leading to the sea that you must check out while you are there - Wied il-Għasri.

Afterward, I headed to the capital city of Gozo, Victoria. Biking feels like a breeze on Gozo because a) it is an electric bike, and b) there are many interesting sights along the way! This lovely basilica is worth checking out.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu

Victoria is a city known for its medieval Citadel. I parked my bike and decided to walk around and explore as much as possible, admiring the markets, the narrow streets, and occasional basilicas.

Lovely streets of Victoria
St. George's Basilica

I was lucky enough to pass in front of Coffee Break, a cute bistro that drew me in with its mouth-watering lunch options. I tried the traditional Ftira Gozitana and felt fueled for the rest of the day.

I got back to the port in Mgarr in time for my next adventure - kayaking to the Blue Lagoon! It is the most beautiful beach in Malta, and if you have ever seen photos of Maltese crystal clear waters - they were probably taken there. The Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino, in between Malta and Gozo.

Due to its reputation, it is overcrowded with visitors who reach the island with different boat tours, coming in from all around Malta. I personally don't enjoy following the crowds, so I decided to kayak to Comino from Mgarr! I booked an Airbnb experience, hosted by a knowledgeable local, who guided me and a few more people to the beach, showing us the nearby caves as well. The paddling was pretty tough, to be honest (I couldn't feel my arms for the next week!), but it was so much fun.

Leaving the shore
Kayaking through the caves

Of course, the Blue Lagoon has fulfilled my expectations, too - it was heavenly. We spent a few hours just swimming and relaxing there, before heading back to Mgarr.

As I still had my electric bike and some time to explore Gozo, I decided to go watch the sunset at Ta’ Cenc cliffs. All I can say about this place is that no picture could ever do it justice.

Before catching my ferry, I grabbed some fast (but delicious) food at Fuli Kiosk and enjoyed my last moments on this peaceful island.

Renting of quads, buggies, sco...
Ramla Bay - red sandy beach
Salt Pans
St George's Basilica
Coffee Break | Cafe & Bistro
Kayak to Blue Lagoon
Fuli Kiosk

Day 3 - Popeye Village and heading to Valletta

After getting some freshly made pastizzi for breakfast, I headed to the famous set from Robin William's musical 'Popeye' - The Popeye Village! This old film set is now one of the major tourist attractions in Malta because it kept its authenticity.

The Popeye Village

Now that I have explored the northern parts of Malta, it is time to head to the capital, Valletta. Valletta is a World Heritage city, famous for its churches, palaces, and museums.

I checked into my second Airbnb and immediately headed out. I did what I always do when I want to explore a new city, I walked around aimlessly. This way, I got the real vibe of the city, but I still ended up checking out some of the most famous attractions, such as the Barrakka Gardens, the Waterfront, and the Grandmaster’s Palace.

Valletta from air

I had my last Maltese dinner at San Giovanni, a restaurant overlooking the St. John's Co-Cathedral, and I finished it off with mandatory ice cream at the famous Amorino.

Popeye Village
Upper Barrakka Gardens
The Valletta Waterfront
St. John's Co-Cathedral
Grandmaster Palace Courtyard

Day 4 - Last day in Valletta

Even though I was traveling alone, I wasn't entirely alone. I befriended my Airbnb host who spoke my language, and he gave me a tour from a local's perspective! This is one of the reasons why I encourage everyone to try solo traveling.

My plane was leaving in the evening, so I had pretty much the whole day left to enjoy Valletta. We strolled around the streets of Gzira and Siema and had lunch at supposedly the best pizzeria in Malta, hiMù. It was absolutely delicious, and I must admit I still sometimes think about it.

Later we had time to go for a swim and sunbathe.

I packed my suitcase and headed to the bus station in Valletta. It is located right next to the Triton Fountain, which offered me my last sight of Malta at sunset. It certainly did not disappoint.

The Triton Fountain

I left Malta thinking I should have probably booked a longer stay in this beautiful country, but feeling quite happy with what I managed to experience in only 4 days. I definitely plan to come back soon, and I hope I'll be seeing you there! :)

Triton Fountain